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Chapter 2368: Plan

Thus, they did not see that at the other side of the restaurant, at a table far away from them, there actually sat Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun.

Wang Qianyun had noticed Han Zhuoli and Lu Man way earlier than Lin Jinshu.

The moment they came in, Wang Qianyun had already seen them.

The jealous rage in Wang Qianyuns eyes seemed as if they would flare out of her eyes.

Who knew that they could even run into Han Zhuoli and Lu Man together when they came out for a meal!

She did hear about Lu Man representing the National Film Academy and coming to participate in the exchange team competition.

But she did not expect that Han Zhuoli would actually come as well.

How much did Han Zhuoli like Lu Man

He actually liked her so much that he could not bear to be apart from her even for a moment

Even when Lu Man came to the US, he also wanted to come along!

Previously, when the exchange team came over, Wang Qianyun had even gone to ask around.

She finally found a job again.

It was still at a film production company.

It was not as big as Maxus Company, but it was also an up-and-coming company that could not be belittled.

It was still in the same industry, so it was easier to ask about this matter there.

She then learned that Lu Man did not come over and only the other nine people came.

The reason was that Lu Man was a newlywed and prioritized her family more, so she would only come over later.

“Hah!” Wang Qianyun scoffed.

“That husband and wife are really very loving, eh Lu Man pushed back the date of her arrival here, and Han Zhuoli left his work in the country behind to come and accompany her.

“I just dont know if he will be accompanying Lu Man the whole way or would just be here for one or two days,” Wang Qianyun said with a face full of jealousy.

“We are clearly in the same restaurant.

From the moment he came in, I already saw him.

But he probably doesnt even know Im here!” Wang Qianyun was so furious that she trembled.

She once thought that she had been so close to Han Zhuoli.

Every time Han Zhuoli went to see Wang Juhuai, she was always there.

She had interacted with Han Zhuoli at such close proximity, yet she was unable to get closer to his heart the entire time.

And now, they were clearly in the same restaurant, separated by a few tables, but Wang Qianyun felt that she was so far away from him.

Lin Jinshu also looked towards Han Zhuoli and Lu Mans side and said, “They are already about to have the competition.

You should start preparing now.”

“Dont worry.

I am just waiting for that day,” Wang Qianyun said.

“And you, are you prepared”

“Of course.” Lin Jinshus face hardened.

“Even if I cant get Wang Juhuai, I wont let that sl*t Xia Qingwei have him so easily either!

“But for my plan to be executed, your plan has to succeed first,” Lin Jinshu said.

“The moment one of us fails, it will affect the other.”

“Dont worry,” Wang Qianyun said in a low voice.

“Back then, Id had no choice but to come back to hide temporarily.

I have been waiting for Lu Man to come over all this time.

Ive already waited for so long, we cant fail no matter what this time.”

Lin Jinshu then glanced at Han Zhuoli and Lu Mans side and then said in a hushed voice to Wang Qianyun, “Lets go first.

Dont let them see us.

“Before our plans are implemented, we must first keep a low profile.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man are way too smart.

If they see the two of us now, they will surely keep their guard up,” Lin Jinshu warned.

Having not seen Han Zhuoli for so long, Wang Qianyun indeed could not bear to leave.

Although Han Zhuoli probably did not know of her presence there, Wang Qianyun still wanted to look at Han Zhuoli a little while more.

“As long as the plan succeeds, you have many chances in the future.

Why bother with this little bit of time” Lin Jinshu urged.

Wang Qianyun also knew the importance of being cautious now.

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