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Chapter 2380: Not Even Competing for Oscars

Guo Hai and the other guys knew very well what the other boys were thinking.

Furthermore, Lu Man had just arrived yesterday.

And Oren already acted as if he knew Lu Man inside out.

Guo Hai tugged on Tan Mingxiao, who didnt understand his intention and turned to look at him.

With a dark expression, Guo Hai gestured with his chin towards Oren.

Tan Mingxiao then understood.

Both shifted until they stood slightly in front of Lu Man, separating Oren from her.

Lu Mans face darkened too.

Recalling knowing Orens intention yesterday, she felt disgusted.

And hearing Orens words just now made her nauseated.

Everyone waited for another five minutes.

“Lu Man, look, is that them” Sun Mengying asked upon spotting silhouettes in the distance.

As the figures got nearer, Lu Man got a shock too.

Why were there so many people!

It was a dark mass.

Robert and Hayer walked at the front, flanked at the sides and at the back by students.

They were acting like fans chasing after their idols.

Robert and Hayer did not act high and mighty.

They didnt walk too fast with so many students following them.

They chatted amicably with the students as they walked.

Even answering questions regarding acting.

Sometimes, they even demonstrated while they walked.

They didnt stop, but they did express stuff through facial expressions and hand gestures.

As they came nearer, Lu Man ascertained that it was Robert and Hayer and walked up to them.

Robert quickly said, “So sorry for the wait Lu Man, I didnt expect to be recognized upon reaching the school.

We came slower because there are too many people.”

“Its alright.” Lu Man smiled.

A portion of the students who followed Robert and Hayer had heard them admitting they were here for the exchange team.

Many came upon hearing their names.

Though many had heard others talking about it, since they did not hear Robert say it himself, they still had hopes, like Helena did, that perhaps the message just got passed wrongly.

In the end, they saw Robert and Hayer meeting Lu Man.

Any doubts left were cleared.

None of the students behind Robert and Hayer could keep calm.

“Theyre really coaching them”

“Whos the one who managed to get Robert and Hayer”

“Did the schools for the exchange team spend money to invite them Didnt Robert and Hayer go to their school as judges before Wasnt that also because they were paid too”

“Do you know how much it cost for them to be invited as judges”

“No idea.”

“No need to wonder, their asking price isnt a secret.

Every single detail is listed out clearly as the media had exposed it before.” The person gestured a number.

“This much.”

The others who heard all inhaled sharply.

“Must be really expensive to get them as coaches.

Are their schools crazy No matter how rich they are, its not worth spending so much just for an exchange competition.

Theyre not even competing for the Oscars.”

Helena and the others now really believed Robert and Hayer were here for them.

Oren and the others grew serious.

Yes, they believed the exchange team was no match for them no matter how good their coaches were.

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