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Chapter 2388: Thats the One Who Gave You His Number

Additionally, the two didnt clash in their image.

They had different target audiences, and each had their own standing as brand ambassadors.

So both had little competition going on and maintained their good relation.

“Oh, is your exchange competition starting soon” Gao Zishan asked.

“Thats right, itll be this Sunday,” Lu Man answered.

Gao Zishan smiled and said, “Qinrong was telling me we shouldnt hurry back this time around.

Because of the gala, brand activities, and a few other shows to attend, well be staying a bit longer this time, at least for half a month.”

“Then we remembered, dont you have a competition too Principal Liu wanted to invite Zishan and me as guests during the friendly competition at the National Film Academy.

Pity we couldnt make it.

Zishan was filming and I was overseas then,” Dong Qinrong added.

“But we watched the video of your competition afterward, and mores the pity that we couldnt watch you all perform live.”

“Moreover, though Qinrong and I were from different batches, both of us were chosen as part of the exchange team before.” Gao Zishan smiled bitterly.

“But regretfully, we all lost.

Its been something we couldnt put behind us.

Now that theres a chance with a suitable timing, we want to cheer you on right there.”

“Both of us feel that this is the likeliest time for us to win for the first time ever,” Dong Qinrong said.

“Were optimistic about you!”

Optimistic about Lu Man, not the whole team.

But this was enough.

Their team back then had lacked precisely a leader and unity.

Their acting had needed polishing back then, and they had slowly explored and practiced step by step.

Plus, they could work with famous directors and constantly improved until they were where they were today.

But they werent a match to Lu Man when they were her age.

Lu Man was elated, not expecting Gao Zishan and Dong Qinrong to automatically say they wanted to go.

“Wed be so honored for both of you teachers to come and watch us compete.” Lu Man beamed.

Gao Zishan smiled.

“So many years have passed and we have no idea how going to the exchange competition works.

Do we need tickets or something to watch live”

“Theyll be selling tickets to the public,” Lu Man said, “but you both wont need to.

Ill reserve good seats for you.”

Lu Man asked about their contact channels and both provided their hotel names.

When she got the tickets, shed send someone over to deliver them.

Dong Qinrong and Gao Zishan frequently worked with foreign actors, so they saw many familiar faces here.

They chatted for a while more before going away to say their hellos to others.

Lu Man had just sat down when she saw Oren.

She had no plans to point him out to Han Zhuoli.

Yet someone greeted Oren just then, and they could hear his name from a distance.

Han Zhuoli was now extremely sensitive to the name “Oren,” so he turned instantly upon hearing it, eyes locking on him.

“Thats the one who gave you his number” Han Zhuoli asked.

“What happened” Han Zhuoling had heard him.

Han Zhuoli spoke in Mandarin so the other diners didnt understand, but he didnt lower his voice, so Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya both heard him.

“Who gave Lu Man his number” Han Zhuoling immediately asked.

Han Zhuoli quickly pointed Oren out for Han Zhuoling.

“Its that wretch, harboring ill intentions towards Lu Man.”

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