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Chapter 2392: Please

Although he was only a low-end A-lister, this was sufficient for the citizens to get excited.

They finally had a celebrity standing stably on the world stage.

They finally had their own representative!

Sweep across the globe!

The Han Corporation also swiftly signed a contract with Cao Jingcheng.

Cao Jingcheng would take on the identity of the lead and act in at least four parts of “Devil Warriors.”

As for other roles he had taken on for other movies, they would be separately considered.

Bauman and Rowell saw the success of “Devil Warriors.” This was something unprecedented.

If the movie had failed, then there was nothing to talk about.

But if this kind of movie series succeeded, its development would be unlimited!

They discovered that the ambition of the Han Corporation was more than this.

They wanted to use the movie to create a small world.

And “Devil Warriors” was one part of it.

If the Han Corporation really developed this kind of world, the impact would be great!

It didnt matter how far-reaching or distant the plans were.

With just the benefits that everyone could see…

These benefits were absolutely considerable.

If all the movies were linked, one would not be able to watch one part without watching other parts.

Hence, one would have to watch all parts of the movie series.

Regardless of how lousy their movies in the future would be, one would have to watch them.

Otherwise, one should not have started watching at all.

This ambition was too big.

But for an unknown reason, Bauman and Rowell felt that Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling could do it.

They were capable of bearing such ambitions.

After hearing Rowell ask about the selection of the lead, Han Zhuoli said, “We are preparing for it.

Itll officially start next week.

Besides inviting some actors with the right schedules for the audition, anyone can also sign up for it and try.”

Bauman was not very interested in “Devil Warriors.” After all, Richardson was one of the few A-list actors in Hollywood, and he wouldnt match with Cao Jingcheng in “Devil Warriors.”

But he was interested in the movies that were linked to “Devil Warriors,” as revealed by Han Zhuoli just now.

The Han Corporation was impressive in the way that, although they would first promote actors from their own country, the entire cinematic universe would involve all continents and races.

Naturally, it would not leave the Western continent out.

For movies with the Western continent as the storyline, Western actors would definitely take on the lead.

Richardson could indeed give it a try.

“The plan for your three parts…” Bauman asked.

Han Zhuoli smiled and said, “I still cant reveal it now.

Its a secret.

Ive already said so much by telling you about the third part.”

Han Zhuoli knew what Bauman meant.

Hence, he said, “Regardless of which part, Ill definitely inform you if theres a suitable role.

Soon, the Han Corporation will also announce it to the public.”

Rowell did not mind it.

There were more young actors in his company who could start with supporting roles.

Hence, he decided to go back and let them try.

As long as one had a role in the movie and his character did not die, there would be a possibility of taking on a resident role.

Sooner or later, he would become the lead one day.

Or he would become the lead for a sequel.

As Oren happened to be at the side, Rowell hurriedly pulled him over and introduced him to Han Zhuoli.


Han, what a coincidence.

This is an actor from our company.”

“Oh” Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows.

It was really such a coincidence.

He had just pondered about him tonight and he appeared.

Han Zhuoli nodded and said, “Lets not talk about business tonight.

Furthermore, Im not a professional.

Ill hand over the selection of the lead to our director for the series.”

“Of course, of course,” Rowell hurriedly said.

Oren could tell that Rowell actually had the intention to please him.

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