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Chapter 2408: Nicely Done

“Okay.” Zoey nodded, then asked Lu Man and the others, “So do you guys need to start preparing yourselves again We can give you all some more time.”

Lu Man looked at the others and asked, “How long do you all need to readjust your emotions”

Everyone discussed and decided to ask for 10 minutes.

If the time was too long, the audience might not be able to wait.

They also needed to spare a thought for the competition.

Ten minutes was really not a long time.

The emcee also had ways to entertain the audience, so it would not be an issue.

When the four judges saw that the exchange teams request was not only adequate but also mindful of others, their impression of the exchange team became even better.

Lenard and the other three judges discussed and said, “Why dont we give them 15 minutes Hows that”

Five more minutes wasnt to be laughed at.

It could make them feel even more at ease.

This also showed that Lenards impression of the exchange team was very good.

He had even taken the initiative to ask for more time for them.

The exchange team was the victim to begin with.

If not for what happened, they would not need extra time now.

Thus, within permissible limits, the others were also willing to make things easier for the exchange team.

So the other judges also agreed.

Chamberlain asked the principal, “Is this arrangement okay”

“Of course,” the principal said.

He said to the people from the exchange team, “My utmost apology to you all.

This time, our schools students did something that completely lacked sportsmanship.

You all defended the spirit of fairness of the competition, which I find admirable.”

After he said that, the principal then said to Albertine, “As for you all, I am very disappointed.

You all didnt just shame the school, but youve shamed yourselves even more.

Do you really think that winning in this way will prove your capabilities

“If you all could win in the first place, why do you need to resort to these cheap shots Because you cant bear to see others doing well If you all lacked confidence in yourselves, then what did you base your arrogance on usually” The principals face was beet red.

He did not expect that such an embarrassing thing would happen this year.

He did not even have the face to meet people now.

“I am utterly disappointed in you all!” the principal said.

Albertines face was ghastly pale.

He did not expect that they would not even need evidence and just take things at face value.

Chamberlain reminded them, “Lets just go back first.

The audience is still waiting.”

Lenard said in a low voice to the principal, “Dont forget to give a nod to the reporters.

If they really report on this, the loss will be too great.”

The principal had been badly infuriated by Albertine.

Now that he heard Lenards reminder, he instantly remembered that and quickly thanked him, “Many thanks for the reminder.

I will go and settle that immediately.”

Lenard and the three judges returned to the panel.

The emcee went up on stage to entertain the crowd and said that there had been an incident backstage, so the audience would need to wait for 15 more minutes.

Luckily, they had invited quite a few performance guests over.

After all, just watching two performances was a little simplistic.

The school had invited a few singers.

They tweaked the flow of the program schedule at the last minute to let the singers go up on stage to perform first.

Shi Xiaoya had remained backstage all along to help tidy up Lu Mans makeup and hairdo.

So she had witnessed the whole incident unfolding and went to a corner to quietly give Han Zhuoling a call.

She told him about it.

She told them not to worry, that everything was within Lu Mans control.

That was why Han Zhuoli did not rush backstage.

Meanwhile, backstage, the principal and the judges had left.

Principal Liu suppressed his smile and said to Lu Man, “Nicely done.”

After saying that, he left with the other three principals as well.

Albertine stood rooted to the ground in a daze, as if he had frozen on the spot.

Lu Man did not bother herself about him either.

Now that they had an extra 15 minutes, they did not wait around idly behind the curtains.

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