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Chapter 2416: Get Down, Cover Your Head

In the end, it was finally Lu Mans turn to go up on stage as the exchange student representative.

Lu Man stood behind the podium, adjusted the height of the mic, and then said, “Hello, everyone, I am Lu Man.

It is my honor to be the representative for the exchange students this time and to come up on stage to give the final speech.”


As Lu Man was speaking, a loud, explosive bang suddenly sounded above her head.

When they heard this sound, everyones first reaction, including Lu Mans, was to look up.

Han Zhuoli just felt that something was off.

This sound came out of nowhere all of a sudden, and he felt that there was danger.

He was the first to stand up and charge ahead.

It was just that the middle row was not very near to the front and there were people in the way on both sides, so no matter how urgently he moved, he could not be fast enough.

When Lu Man looked up, she saw a huge row of lights above her head crackling loudly and flashing around, as if they were about to explode anytime.

“Man Man!” Han Zhuoli had just rushed out from a row of seats when he saw the lights flashing ominously.

Along with the crackling sounds, there were even sparks falling down from above, dissipating in midair.

Lu Man saw that things were not right and instantly rushed down the stage.

Han Zhuoli also sprinted as fast as he could towards the stage.

But be it Lu Man or Han Zhuoli, both of whom reacted very fast, they still could not outrun the speed at which the lights fell.

Atop the high ceiling, the rows of lights were all linked together.

Along with the crackling explosion sounds, the wires connecting them all together had actually long been cut until everything was only hanging by a thread and could drop any moment.

The wires finally snapped, and that long, huge row of lights fell rapidly from the high ceiling of the auditorium.

“Man Man!” Han Zhuolis eyes almost cracked from the intensity of his wide-eyed glare.

The people sitting at the frontmost seats also rushed up to save Lu Man.

Guo Hai and Lu Mans other teammates sat in the second row.

At this moment, they could not care less about manners and just stepped over the first row seats to rush over.

Wang Yanglin was the fastest, but he just missed by a little bit and was not able to catch Lu Man.

“Get down!” Wang Yanglin warned.

If she could not run, then she could only protect herself as much as possible.

“Get down, cover your head!” Han Zhuoli shouted.

Lu Mans mind had really blanked out for a brief moment.

When she heard these two voices, she did not even have time to think and just did what she was told reflexively.

At the same time as she covered her head, a row of lights dropped, crashing heavily against the back of her head.

Right after that, Han Zhuoli and Wang Yanglin almost rushed up on stage at the same time, the two of them lifting the row of lights away.

Luckily, the two of them had been fast enough, such that the row of lights did not stay on top of Lu Man for much time.

It was like the moment it dropped, it had been lifted up by the two of them.

“Man Man!” Han Zhuoli was not sure where Lu Man got hurt.

After all, such a huge row of lights came crashing down.

So, Han Zhuoli did not dare to move her around recklessly.

“Man Man!” Han Zhuoli called.

But Lu Man did not have any reaction at all.

She had already fainted.

“Call the ambulance!” Han Zhuoli immediately said.

Wang Yanglin quickly made the call.

Aside from the two elders who were old and slower on their feet, the Han Family people had all rushed over.

Xia Qingweis face was as pale as a sheet of paper.

She clutched Wang Juhuais elbow tightly, trembling all over.

Han Zhuoli was looking after Lu Man while Han Zhuoling made a call and asked people to come over immediately to investigate the cause of this incident properly.

The principal did not expect that such a huge incident would happen on the last day.

The exchange team had not had a smooth time here the entire time.

And now, they even let Lu Man get hurt, so they got even more pent up with anger.

Each of them glared fiercely, as if the school did this on purpose.

The principal felt really troubled too.

He said to Han Zhuoling and Principal Liu, “I will definitely investigate this thoroughly.”

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