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Chapter 2419: Split into Three Groups

Han Zhuoli immediately stood up.

“Dad, you both head to the police station first.

You can tell me in detail about the matter on the way there.

I will send someone to investigate together with you.”

Wang Juhuai nodded and brought Xia Qingwei to leave.

At this moment, even if Xia Qingwei was left behind here, she would not feel assured either.

He might as well bring her along so that she would be able to know the situation first hand.

Was Wang Juhuai not anxious then

He was very anxious too.

But he had to stay calm.

He could not look weak or helpless at all.

Or else Xia Qingwei would have no one to lean on for support.

Xia Qingwei sobbed silently all the way.

She did not want to cry.

She knew that at this moment, crying would not solve anything, but knowing was one thing, and doing was a different thing altogether.

How could she not be worried

Little Yijun had been snatched away by someone.

Who knows what those people want to do, what their background was, and why they snatched their child for!

They did not know anything, so they were looking around like a headless fly.

Could they really find him

She was worried too!

She was worried she would not be able to find him.

That was her child!

She was afraid that the time when she saw him this morning would become the last time she would see him.

She would then have lost her child from that point on!

What was going on for the past two days

Lu Man hurt her head and had not even woken up even now.

Even the doctor could not find anything wrong, but she just would not wake up.

Now, even little Yijun had been snatched away for no reason.

Her eldest daughter, her young son, they were both in danger now and the fate of their lives was unknown.


Oh why!

Wang Juhuai supported Xia Qingwei to get into the car and they headed to the police station.

On the way there, Wang Juhuai put on his earphones and called Han Zhuoli.

He told him in detail about the information hed received from Auntie Liang.

It was really because the situation was too urgent, so Auntie Liang did not have the chance to say much.

She just informed Wang Juhuai of the overall situation before rushing to the police station.

So now, what Wang Juhuai could say to Han Zhuoli was not much either.

“When I reach the police station and know more details about the situation, I will let you know,” Wang Juhuai said.

As Han Zhuoli had to watch over Lu Man and could not leave, he could only communicate with him over the phone.

They were really so busy.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuofeng were still checking how Lu Man got hurt, and now, something had happened to little Yijun as well.

So they split nicely into three groups, with none of them idling around.

Xia Qingwei clutched both hands tightly at the side, her palms breaking out in a cold sweat.

She could not help but imagine bad things happening in her mind.

She was afraid that little Yijun would be harmed.

When the two of them reached the police station and saw Auntie Liang, Auntie Liang was crying with a ghastly pale face.

“Sir, Madam!” When Auntie Liang saw them, she only felt guilty and apologetic towards them and just covered her face and cried.

“Its all my fault, its all my fault.

I didnt protect Yijun well,” Auntie Liang said as she cried.

Wang Juhuais eyes reddened.

He held back his tears and said, “What exactly happened”

Auntie Liang quickly sniffed and held back her tears as she sobbed and said, “I brought Yijun to the playground beside the hotel to bask in the sun as usual.

Yijun really liked going there to play.

“After letting him play for a while, I prepared to bring Yijun back to the hotel.

But as we had been walking for a short while, suddenly, three masked men wearing caps rushed out of nowhere.

Two men grabbed me while the other man carried Yijun and ran away.

“I just screamed for help.” Auntie Liang had been here for a while.

Although she did not know how to say much, she still knew how to scream “help.”

“Those two men then covered my mouth.

“When the other man carrying Yijun had run away far enough, they then let go of me and ran away.

“I quickly chased after them with all my might, screaminghelp as I ran after them.”

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