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Chapter 2426: Discovery

“Yes,” Wang Juhuai immediately answered.

Xia Qingwei also promised that she would stay in the car.

And so, everyone, including Han Zhuoling, departed together.

The police had also received a message from Spines.

The police were surprised that Wang Juhuai was able to get help from Spines.

Anyone with a career in law enforcement knew that Spines would only work with the major crime division or any other departments responsible for serious crimes.

Their department would have never gotten a chance to work with Spines.

A collaboration with Spines because of Wang Juhuai was unexpected.

And so, none of them were unhappy that Wang Juhuai sought out Spines for help.

As a matter of fact, they were looking forward to working with Spines.

The police immediately set off towards the location that Spines had sent them.

Bian Daoren as well as the Second Guards of the Spines were the first to arrive.

Bian Daoren and Wang Juhuai parked their cars very far away as they were afraid of alerting their targets.

The Second Guards sneaked closer and surrounded the villa.

The moment Wang Juhuai arrived there, he knew that his parents had no part in this.

This was because his parents would have never been able to afford the properties here.

His parents did not have enough money to buy houses in this area.

And so, Wang Juhuai felt a sense of relief.

If his parents were truly behind this abduction, he would never be able to look at Xia Qingwei without feeling ashamed of himself.

Thankfully, his parents were not guilty.

However, if Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing were not guilty, there would only be one suspect left.

Lin Jinshu!

Wang Juhuai had divorced Lin Jinshu a long time ago.

And so, he was no longer aware of the number of properties in Lin Jinshus name.

He was not sure if Lin Jinshu owned this villa.

However, Wang Juhuai still thought that there was a high chance that Lin Jinshu owned this villa.

The Second Guards had stealthily surrounded the villa.

They hid behind the trees and within the bushes.

There were only the sounds of the wind blowing by the plants and the rustling of the rising leaves and waving grass.

It was as though the Second Guards hiding never existed.

Even though Wang Juhuai had seen how they had hidden, he could not find even one of them.

There were two Second Guards who each occupied a vantage point.

Soon, responses sounded through Bian Daorens walkie-talkie.

“Lin Jinshu discovered in the villa, but no sight of the baby.”

Xia Qingwei could feel her heart beating in her throat.

Did Lin Jinshu hide Yijun somewhere else

Was this Lin Jinshus method of protecting herself If she got arrested, Yijun would never be found!

Could this be her plan

Suddenly, movements could be seen occasionally within the bushes and two Second Guards were then seen creeping out of them.

Wang Juhuai and the others drove a camper van, inside which there were many professional equipment.

Krum, Jia Jia, and Bian Daoren sat in front of the equipment.

Both Krum and Jia Jia were on their computers.

Jia Jia was in charge of inspecting the whole surrounding area of the villa.

Krum was in charge of inspecting the inside of the villa.

While Jia Jia was still providing the two Second Guards information on the area around the villa, Krum had already hacked all the surveillance cameras inside it.

To Krum, the task of hacking into the surveillance cameras inside the villa was as easy as playing with a kindergarteners toy.

As one of the best hackers, Krum had been able to hack into even the most rigorous security system in the world, not to mention the surveillance system in this villa.

To him, this was just childs play.

Only a few seconds had passed when Wang Juhuai saw the inside of the villa through Krums screen.

Krum then controlled a tiny drone, which was just the size of a ping pong ball, and cautiously flew it towards the villa.

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