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Chapter 2433: Arrest

The more she thought about it, the more fearful Wang Qianyun felt.

She almost sped all the way back to her residence.

She took out her suitcase and stuffed some clothes messily and randomly into it, as well as her daily necessities.

She did not even bother looking at what exactly she had stuffed inside.

She just frantically and randomly threw some things into her luggage.

She then hailed a ride and headed to the airport.

On the way there, still in the car, she then checked for the earliest flights that still had tickets available.

Luckily, two and a half hours from now, there was a flight bound for her home country, and there were still two tickets left for first-class seats.

Wang Qianyun did not dare hesitate at all and quickly bought a ticket.

When she reached the airport, she went to check in her luggage after she did her own check-in.

She passed the ticket and her passport to the airline counter staff.

While the other party was preparing her administrative details, she stared at her passport and looked back and forth to compare the picture with her actual face.

Wang Qianyuns heart started racing faster and faster.

She asked nervously, “Is there a problem”

“Its nothing, its just a routine check,” the other party said and stood up, turning back to make a call.

Wang Qianyun felt more and more uneasy as she looked on, but her passport was still in the other partys hands, so she could not leave immediately even if she wanted to.

When the other party was done with the call, Wang Qianyun said, “I left something at home.

Return my passport to me first.

I want to go home and take it.”

“Sure.” Although the other party agreed verbally, the staff dragged things out and refused to hand the passport over.

How could Wang Qianyun not tell there was a problem She urged in a cold voice, “Quickly, return my passport to me!”

“Please wait a moment,” the other party said.

“Theres some problem with your passport.”

“If theres a problem, Ill go and change my passport myself!” Wang Qianyun said.

“I wont do the check-in anymore!”

“Please wait first,” the other party said, refusing to hand her passport over.

Wang Qianyun was panicking for real.

She stepped on the conveyor belt and wanted to go over and snatch it back.

“Return my passport to me!”

Right at this moment, the police in the airport arrived and just dragged Wang Qianyun down from the conveyor belt and stopped her.

“What are you doing!” Wang Qianyun had already broken out in a cold sweat all over as she questioned them fiercely while being utterly scared out of her wits.

“You are disrupting public safety and order right now.

We need to arrest you,” the police said.

“Do you need to arrest me and make a big fuss over such a minor issue” Wang Qianyun said.

“I just want to get my passport back.

Shes the one whos holding on to my passport and refusing to return it to me.”

“Please come with us first,” the police officer said.

“No!” Wang Qianyun said.

“Your reasoning isnt sound at all.

I wont leave with you all.”

“You are resisting arrest like this,” the police officer said in a cold voice.

“We can only use force against you.”

As he said that, the police officer just twisted Wang Qianyuns wrist, subduing her.

Wang Qianyun kept screaming in pain, “Ouch! Ouch! What are you all doing! I want to make a complaint against all of you! You all are just abusing your law enforcement power, you all are being racists!”

Wang Qianyun screamed out loud, “White policemen are bullying people! Theyre racists and maligning me!”

Some tourists in the airport slowly gathered around, the crowd becoming bigger and bigger.

Many people took out their phones and started recording the scene.

If there was really a racist issue here, they were very willing to upload their recorded videos as evidence.

The police officers faces fell.

They were about to say something right then when…

Han Zhuoling and Bian Daoren hurriedly arrived together with the police officers in charge of Lu Mans case.

The police officers who had been restraining Wang Qianyun the entire time finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Han Zhuoling, Bian Daoren, and the leading police officer walked up to Wang Qianyun.


Wang Qianyun, you are being suspected of instigating others for murder and intentionally causing hurt to others.

Please follow us back to assist in the investigation,” the police officer said.

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