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They did not tell the other colleagues because firstly it was not necessary and secondly because it would cause a lot of trouble.

However, Sun Yiwu and the others did not work in the company.

Regardless of whether they knew it, it would not have too much of an impact.

Anyway, most importantly, she believed in Han Zhuolis decision.

Sun Yiwu and the others watched in shock as Han Zhuoli intimately pulled Lu Man over to sit down.

His doting, love, and care were all so obvious in every single one of his actions, it was completely unhidden.

To display such feelings so naturally was only because he was used to behaving like that all the time.

It had long since become a habit of his that was deep in his bones.

Only then, Sun Yiwu finally understood why Han Zhuolis reaction was so fast.

He had just found Lu Man and before he could even explain in detail to Lu Man, Zheng Tianming had quickly arrived.

No matter how big a shot the celebrity was, they all had to audition on the spot.

Yet, Zheng Tianming had led them to the CEOs office to speak privately, not letting the others have an opportunity to take a look.

“Lu Man is my girlfriend,” Han Zhuoli took the initiative to explain.

She was not just any other female companion he was having a casual fling with because of a moment of interest.

After all, Sun Yiwu and the others did indeed have such speculation.

After hearing Han Zhuoli introduce her so seriously and formally, Sun Yiwu and the others looked at how Lu Man behaved, and it only increased the gravity of the situation.

“No wonder you had specially called us over,” Sun Yiwu teased smilingly.

“Turns out that it was because you were protecting your girlfriend.”

“She currently works in our Public Relations department.

She has just won the Golden Finger Best Newcomer Award.” Pride was written all over Han Zhuolis face.

It was as if “humility” didnt exist in his dictionary.

Although he was a director, he was ultimately still part of the entertainment industry.

The Public Relations industry and the entertainment industry were very tightly coupled and could not be separated, so Sun Yiwu was not a stranger to this professional award in the public relations industry.

“Thats impressive! Congratulations, congratulations.” Sun Yiwu smiled, “Who knew that Lu Man would be so outstanding at such a young age.”

All this while, Han Zhuoli was just waiting for their praise and compliments.

“Man Man is just like this.

No matter what she does, or which industry shes in, she will definitely be the most outstanding person!”

Sun Yiwu and the others, “…”

Han Zhuoli had already praised her to the heavens, what more could they praise

Sun Yiwu could only nod dryly.

“Yes, yes.”

Lu Man: “…”

She did not expect that Han Zhuoli would praise her so blatantly.

Yet, Han Zhuoli was behaving as if this was all completely reasonable.

His Lu Man was indeed so outstanding!

Wouldnt it be unreasonable to not praise her

“Ive heard that Director Sun intends to let Man Man be the third female lead” Just as Han Zhuoli finished asking, Ye Xuanxuan entered, carrying a tray with cups of coffee.

She saw that Sun Yiwu and the others were sitting in a row, while Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were seated together.

Her expression changed in a flash.

Could it be that Sun Yiwu really intended to pick Lu Man

Were they here to discuss the contract

Where did Lu Man get all this good luck from!

She quickly placed the tray down.

Afraid of dilly dallying, she left reluctantly.

“Yes, I intend to do so, but I will still have to look at Lu Mans acting skills.

She need not be very outstanding, its fine as long as she can pass the minimum.” Sun Yiwu smiled bitterly, resigned.

“Honestly, time is really running short right now, I dont have enough time to slowly pick the actress.

Ive contacted some people, but they had either despised that the third female lead had insufficient screen time or their schedule would clash with ours.”

“Director Sun, you dont have to worry about Lu Mans acting just yet, as she hasnt even agreed.” Han Zhuoli smiled faintly.

“I cant make the decision regarding this, Lu Man will have to decide on her own.

Take your time to discuss.

Regardless of whether she agrees or not, its all Lu Mans decision.”

However, he would be watching from the side, looking out for Lu Man.

Seeing that he was stoically sitting by the side like a deity, even Sun Yiwu broke into a sweat.

“Lu Man, Ive told you the reason just now.

We have to start the reshoot latest by the day after tomorrow, it would be best if someone could join the crew before tomorrow night to familiarise themselves.

Therefore, I only have these two days to find somebody.

After so much effort, Ive finally found someone like you whos so suitable.

You already have some Wushu background, you are also pretty and you will look good on camera too.” As such an expert director, Sun Yiwu only needed one glance to know how she would appear in front of the camera; he was that experienced.


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