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Chapter 2444: Cant Even Compare to an Outsider

“Wang Qianyun wanted to kill her! Yes, Lu Man did not die, but shes still lying unconscious on the hospital bed right now.

Nobody knows when she will wake up, or if she will be like that for…” Wang Juhuai stopped.

He took in a deep breath and said, “Lu Man did not die, but that doesnt mean Wang Qianyun isnt guilty! She did this with the intention of killing Lu Man.

Dont tell me she would only have been guilty of it if Lu Man had died”

“How do you know Qianyun did it to kill her Qianyun actually just wanted to scare her, she didnt intend to kill her.

Even Lu Man getting hurt was an accident!” Luo Wangyuan said.

Xia Qingwei did not want to say anything at all, but when she heard Luo Wangyuan and Wang Jugu say such shameless words…

She really could not take it anymore.

“If thats the case, then you both tell her to tell the judge that!” Xia Qingwei said, seething with anger.

“Since you think shes innocent, that this was an accident, that she didnt want to hurt anyone, much less kill anyone, then the judge wont wrongfully sentence her.

Why did you both still come and look for us”

Luo Wangyuan fell speechless from Xia Qingweis words and said angrily, “Did I talk to you yet Youre just an outsider.

What are you cutting in for!”

“Shes my wife,” Wang Juhuai said coldly.

“Not some outsider.

“And what Qingwei said reflects my own intentions,” Wang Juhuai said.

“You two dont need to come and look for me again.”

“Wang Juhuai!” Wang Jugu shouted, utterly enraged.

“Are you not treating us as your family anymore

“That previous matter, I no longer hold it against you,” Wang Jugu said.

“What previous matter are you not holding against me” Wang Juhuai said, raising an eyebrow.

“Why do I not know about it You can tell me about that.”

Seeing how Wang Jugu looked as if he was tolerating him and being magnanimous towards him, Wang Juhuai actually wanted to know.

What did he do to make Wang Jugu have to tolerate him

Wang Jugu took in a deep breath and said, “Qianyun is your niece.

You clearly know she likes Han Zhuoli, but not only did you not help, you also tried to prevent them from getting together.

I know, you were just afraid that I would become Han Zhuolis father-in-law and surpass your position.

You just cant stand seeing me do better than you.”

“Not only did you not help Qianyun, but you even became Han Zhuolis father-in-law and treated Lu Man so well.

Isnt that all because of Han Zhuoli Wang Juhuai, youre actually really fake!”

Wang Juhuai did not cut him off and encouraged him to continue talking.

Once Wang Jugu got started, he then said everything out all at once.

“When Qianyun lost her job, you didnt help her and didnt care about her.

Regarding the matter with Maxus Company, you just needed to put in a word, but you just didnt care.

She is your niece! Your blood-related niece! But Lu Man, you accompanied her on shows and went to support her for all kinds of performances she did.

“For someone who does not have any blood relation to you, you actually did your best, but you didnt care about Qianyun! She got fired and couldnt find a job, but you still didnt care.

“If not for how you stopped her and prevented her from getting together with Han Zhuoli back then, she wouldnt have targeted Lu Man afterward! Actually, the fact that Lu Man is in a coma now is all because of you! Its all because you didnt help Qianyun.

If she got together with Han Zhuoli, would she know who Lu Man is Lu Man would not have gotten hurt then!”

Xia Qingwei laughed in anger at the ridiculous nonsense he just said.

Wang Jugu was then heard saying, “And now, when such a big thing happened, you still want to leave Qianyun in the lurch! She is your blood-related niece! Yet she cant even compare to an outsider in your eyes!”

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