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Chapter 2446: Still Together

Her soul had been staying by Han Zhuolis side and had already followed Han Zhuoli for 10 years.

During those 10 years, Han Zhuoli naturally still did not meet the person he had been waiting for in his heart.

He still remained single.

Before Han Zhuoli turned 40 years old, Old Mrs.

Han would still urge him.

But after he turned 40, she got used to his stubbornness, so no one in his family urged him anymore.

And now, Han Zhuoli was already 48 years old.

The two elderly people were still healthy and alive, but their legs were already not as strong and agile as before.

They needed to use walking sticks to walk, so they walked around slowly.

Luckily, the Han Family was wealthy.

They never lacked any kind of tonics, health supplements, and health checkups, etc.

Given the two elders age, it was simply that their condition was not as good as before.

After all, the birth, aging, sicknesses, and death of a person were natural laws that could not be violated.

Compared to the average elderly folk around their age, however, the two elders physical health was really quite good.

According to what their private doctor said, it would not be a problem even if they lived til a hundred years old.

But now, Old Mrs.

Han no longer had the energy to use the walking stick to hit Han Zhuoli with.

Seeing Han Zhuoli return, Old Mrs.

Han also did not talk about wanting him to get married anymore.

“All I hope for is that you can have a partner when youre old and can have children and grandchildren around you.

But if you think that youre doing quite well now like this, I wont force you.

Anyway, you are the one living your life, just choose which kind of life youre comfortable with,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

But there was still one person missing, after all.

If Han Zhuoli had gotten married, his children would all have been grown up now.

It would only make one happy if the house was lively and bubbly.

Now, it just felt a little cold and lonely.

“When hes really old and cant walk anymore, my and Zhuofengs children and grandchildren will be around.

We wont let him be lonely.” Han Zhuoling entered the door and happened to hear Old Mrs.

Hans words, so hed said that as he walked over.

Lu Man turned over to look.

Entering together with Han Zhuoling was Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling was one year older than Han Zhuoli.

He and Han Zhuoli already looked middle-aged, but what did not change was that they both looked mature and handsome.

If there were things in common between this world and the other…

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas matter could be counted as one of them.

In this lifetime, Han Zhuoling had still married Xia Yixin first.

Afterward, he had also discovered that Xia Yixin had committed adultery, as well as how the child was not his.

Han Zhuoling had discovered it himself.

It turned out that Han Zhuoling had known long ago and used this chance to take over the Xia family.

Afterward, he met Shi Xiaoya.

After going around in circles, the two of them still got together.

Lu Man thought that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya could be considered fated lovers.

Be it in their past life or in this life, the two of them were always together.

“Wheres my grandson and granddaughter” Old Mrs.

Hans eyesight was not very good now as well.

“Theyre not back yet.

Theyre still working outside and will only be back after two or three days,” Han Zhuoling said.

Lu Man stared at Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, feeling happy for them.

Even though the two of them were an old couple now, their love and familial ties were still strong and did not get worn away by their everyday lives.

On the contrary, Han Zhuoling became more and more considerate, even more considerate than he had been when he was young.

Perhaps because she was a makeup artist and also took a lot of care with her appearance, Shi Xiaoya did not look old at all.

She still looked like she was in her thirties and did not lose to those female celebrities at all.

Lu Man then turned her attention back to Han Zhuoli.

If… If only she was also here.

Even Han Zhuofeng came with a partner.

Only Han Zhuoli was alone.

Even though the house was full of people, he still gave off a lonely feeling.

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