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Chapter 2447: Why Take It Back Again

She fervently hoped that her self in this life had still been around.

Then she could have stayed by his side.


On the fifth, the doctors from Chu Tian, as well as the renowned doctors from various countries whom Han Xijin had contacted, all gathered together to study Lu Mans condition.

They tried all kinds of tests that were possible on Lu Man and flipped through past patient records over the years.

They hoped that they might find some cases that were similar to Lu Mans.

Alas, it was futile.

On the eighth day, when they saw that all the doctors were still shaking their heads, utterly puzzled themselves, Han Zhuolis heart sank bit by bit.

“We can only hope that she can wake up on her own.

We cant find anything wrong with her either.

Even the injury on her head is getting better, but she just wouldnt wake up.”

Han Zhuolis eyes reddened as he said, “Does this mean that she might just wake up at any moment Perhaps tomorrow or the day after Perhaps a month or a year later Or… not for the rest of her life”

The doctors all fell silent.

“Im sorry, were not capable enough.”

Xia Qingwei covered her mouth.

She sobbed as tears streamed down her eyes instantly.

She turned and buried her face in Wang Juhuais arms.

“Why, why does my daughter have to go through all these things!” Xia Qingwei said as she cried.

“Shes already had it very tough in this life.

In her first 22 years, shed had to suffer her fathers torture.

She had finally managed to get out of that and met Zhuoli.

She was in so much bliss, yet her good life had only lasted for a while before she met with this accident.”

Xia Qingwei cried as she said, “She took such good care of the people around her.

She watched me find my partner and have another child, but she herself, shes actually lying on a hospital bed while in a coma.

Why! Why!”

If she could, she wanted to take Lu Mans place!

Her poor child.

Shed suffered so much hardship.

Why was it so difficult for her to lead a bit of a good life!

Why was it so hard!

“Oh, Heavens!

“Cant you take pity on Lu Man, let her live well, and not let her suffer so much anymore

“She had never enjoyed a single bit of familial warmth in the first 20 years of her life.”

“Now that she finally has so many family members and a healthy mother, a father who loves her, a playful younger brother…

“A husband who loves her, and such wonderful in-laws…

“Could it be that you think Lu Man is living too blissfully now, so you insist on making life difficult for her

“But why dont you think of how difficult life had been for Lu Man before!

“Were the troubles and hardships she faced in the past not enough to support her happiness now Was she still not worthy of the happiness she has now

“Just let Lu Man off! Let her wake up, let her be happy, please, I beg you!”

Han Zhuoli sat at the side, holding Lu Mans hand and placing it to his lips.

He closed his eyes and lowered his head, his tears falling from his eyes too.

They fell drop by drop on Lu Mans fingers.

Xia Qingweis complaints affected him even more.

Because Xia Qingwei only saw the hardships Lu Man had faced in the first 20 years of her life.

But he knew of Lu Mans hardships and suffering in her past life.

She got framed and was jailed for eight years.

She finally got out, but then she learned that her mother passed away.

As for herself, she got burned to death in a huge fire.

She had managed to revive in the end and had lived a happy life for a short while before she fell unconscious.

Xia Qingweis questions for the Heavens were the same as what he wanted to ask as well.

Since you let Lu Man revive and gave her a chance to start all over again…

Why did you want to take it back and make her unconscious

Her past life had been so tragic and so miserable.

Were the pain and suffering in that life not enough to support her happiness in this life

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