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Chapter 2453: Finally Woke Up

“Okay.” Lu Man cried as she nodded.

“I will also go and find you.

I will definitely go and find you.

We will be together in our next life, and the next.”

Han Zhuoli held her hand and said, “Its a promise…”

He wanted to grasp it tightly, but he could not exert any strength.

Instead, his strength became weaker and weaker.

Finally, his fingers slipped away, without any strength in them at all.

Just as Han Zhuolis hand was about to fall, Lu Man clutched it tightly.

“Zhuoli! Zhuoli!”

“Zhuoli…” Lu Man cried and wailed, “Zhuoli!”

Even though she had stayed by his side for 57 years, at this moment, she still could not accept it and felt utterly miserable.

“Zhuoli, dont leave me behind.


She held Han Zhuolis hand and did not let go.

Through her tear-filled eyes, she saw that Han Zhuolis expression looked exceptionally peaceful.

It had a faint hint of a smile.

Because, even at the end when they did not have much time left, he had still managed to wait until Lu Man came.

At least, he had still managed to wait until she came.

He did not randomly find someone to marry.

So when he saw her, he could still face her calmly.

He did not do anything to let her down.

Enough, this was already enough.

They promised to meet in their next life.

He would definitely be able to find her.

“Man Man!”

“Man Man!”

As Lu Man cried, she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

It was Han Zhuolis voice.

It was not that old, aged, raspy voice.

It was the voice she had been most familiar with all along.

That low, deep, yet gentle voice.

It felt like the warmth under the cold moonlight.

“Zhuoli!” Lu Man called.

“Man Man!” Han Zhuolis voice rang again in her mind.

“Come back, Man Man, come back.”

Han Zhuolis voice was not beside her ear but in her mind.

It was so close, much closer than it would have been if it were beside her ear.

At the same time, in the hospital ward, Xie Jiling was holding a small brush that was slightly larger than a fountain pen and kept on drawing something on Lu Mans palm.

“Man Man, quickly, come back.

I am waiting for you, quick, come back.

Dont leave me alone, Man Man.

Quickly, come back.

Man Man! Come back, Man Man!”

Amid the calls and urging of the voice, Lu Man once again felt herself being pulled by a force.

Her body flew backward uncontrollably.

It was getting lighter.

The Han Zhuoli on the bed became farther and farther away from her.

Her vision gradually blurred.

Afterward, she fell into darkness.

“Man Man!” Lu Man heard someone calling her.

She then heard that voice saying anxiously, “Why is there no reaction! Didnt you say shes already back”

“You have to give her some time to wake up, after all,” a female voice that sounded especially young and a little childish said.

Lu Man heard Han Zhuolis voice and instantly opened her eyes.

“Man Man!” Han Zhuoli saw Lu Man open her eyes and almost cried.

Although he was talking to Xie Jiling just then, he had been looking at Lu Man all the while.

The moment Lu Man opened her eyes, Han Zhuoli saw it instantly.

“Man Man, how are you feeling” Han Zhuoli cupped her face.

In that instant, he felt a strong sense of having regained something extremely precious that he had lost.

He stared at Lu Man without blinking at all, afraid that if he blinked, Lu Man would faint and become unconscious again.

Lu Man got up in an instant and hugged Han Zhuoli.

“Zhuoli! Zhuoli! Ive missed you so much, Zhuoli…”

“Me too, me too.” Han Zhuolis tears soaked into Lu Mans clothes.

“You finally woke up, you finally woke up…”

He turned and planted a deep kiss at the corner of Lu Mans eye.

She felt so alive in his arms.

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