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Chapter 2467: How Was That Fair for Her

In the square-shaped courtyard, the study room was at the side on its own.

The four were sitting down in the living room as someone served them tea.

Wen Ren said, “These are green tea leaves that we planted ourselves on the hill at the back.

When we are free, we would also go and pick them ourselves.”

Lu Man was not very into tea and could not distinguish whether it was a good or a bad tea.

At most, she only had flavors that she liked and flavors that she disliked.

But the green tea made by the Wen Family was definitely delicious.

It was refreshing and sweet.

“Older Sister,” a familiar and clear voice of a woman called.

She turned her head and saw Wei Wucai, who had brought Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling was wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pair of jeans, with white sports shoes.

She did not look like an adult at all.

Seeing Lu Man, Xie Jiling was jumping with joy.

“Jiling!” called Lu Man happily as she invited Jiling to sit next to herself.

At that moment, Han Zhuoli coughed as he cleared his throat and looked towards Xie Jiling.

His gaze was filled with hope.

Xie Jiling knew clearly that he and Lu Man were married.

Previously, she had called Lu Man “Auntie,” but she had just referred to her now as “Older Sister.” Did this mean that there would be a possibility of her calling him Older Brother

Xie Jiling acted as though she had just noticed Han Zhuolis presence.

Just as she was about to open her mouth, she frowned, turned her head, and greeted Lu Man, “Auntie.”

Then, she greeted Han Zhuoli, “Uncle.”

Han Zhuoli felt speechless.

This little girl would rather give Lu Man an older title than give him a younger title!

Lu Man: “… ”

Because of Han Zhuoli, she went from being called a big sister to an auntie.

How was that fair for her

“After I left, did you feel any discomfort with your body” asked Xie Jiling with a smile.

Looking at Xie Jilings eyes, Lu Man felt happy.

She couldnt resist smiling back at her.


Everything was fine.

Nothing felt different,” said Lu Man.

“Thats right.

I didnt lie, right You can relax.

Nothing will happen,” said Xie Jiling.

Actually, Xie Jiling was worried that Lu Man and Han Zhuoli would be traumatized by what had happened this time and that they would be in constant fear.

And so, she came back and reassured them.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli both felt Xie Jilings thoughtfulness and did feel more relieved because of her assurance.

Wen Ren said, “You guys can relax and count on what this little girl said.

Since she said it, have full confidence.

“Dont look down on her just because she is young.

The fact that the Xie Family sent her proves her abilities,” said Wen Ren, full of confidence in Xie Jiling.

“We came here this time to express our thanks.

If Xie Jiling had not gone there, Man Man would not be awake right now,” said Han Zhuoli.

“So, we packed and came here as soon as we came back.”

“What are you saying Youre being too courteous.” Wen Ren did not mind at all.

“Also, we wanted to give you the invitation cards.” Han Zhuoli passed the invitation cards to Wen Ren, Xie Jiling, and Wei Wucai.

“Man Man and my wedding will be at the end of this month; if you guys have time, do come and have some fun.”

He said to Wei Wucai, “Originally, wed wanted to send your invitation card to Qian Zi, but since you are here today, we wont need to go the extra mile.”

Wei Wucai smiled and accepted the card.

Wen Ren looked at the wedding time on the invitation card.

“It just so happens that we have nothing to do on that day.

Well go join the fun.”

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