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Chapter 2478: Its Fine

“Shes just an assistant.” Lu Qi scoffed.

“At work, you are just an assistant.

What right do you have to interfere in our private affairs In private, you are just my dads lover.

You dont even have status, so what right do you have to come in and discuss together with us”

Jiang Yujie did not rebut her.

Her face just turned pale as she looked at Lu Qiyuan without saying anything.

Lu Qiyuan huffed angrily.

“Yujie is my fiancee.

We will get married not long after this.

To me, she is not an outsider.”

Perhaps to Lu Qiyuan now, Lu Qi was the real outsider.

Lu Qi had this feeling, but she did not want to admit it.

No matter what, she was the one who had blood ties with Lu Qiyuan.

How could Jiang Yujie compare

But Lu Qiyuan did not think so.

If not for Jiang Yujie reminding him not to earlier, he would have embarrassed himself outside again.

So now, only Jiang Yujie truly thought for his sake.

Lu Qi cared only about herself.

If not, why did she not think just then that making a scene outside would be embarrassing

“If you have anything to say, quickly say it.

If not for Yujie, you wont even be able to step into this office today,” Lu Qiyuan said pointedly.

“If youre not going to say it, then leave.”

“Dad, you… why are you treating me like this now You would never be like this in the past,” Lu Qi said.

She could not help but look at Jiang Yujie.

Was it because Jiang Yujie had sown discord between them!

“You dont need to look at her! She never said anything before,” Lu Qiyuan said coldly.

“When shes with me, she cares only about my matters.

As for other matters, she never cared about them before.

Its you, actually.

You always try to think of ways to sow discord between my and Yujies relationship.”

To Lu Qiyuans eyes, just because of this, Lu Qi had already fallen to a lower status.

“The things that you and your mother did, dont tell me you forgot about them so quickly You still have the shame to come and call me Dad” Lu Qiyuan scoffed.

“I dont dare to have a blood-sucking daughter like you.

I treated you so well in the past, yet you even wanted to help outsiders swindle my family fortune.

I finally managed to keep all these things after much effort.

Now that youve come, are you planning to cheat me of the last bit of wealth I still have left”

Lu Qiyuan was really scared of Lu Qi now.

He just wanted to stay far away from her and did not dare to want her for a daughter anymore.

Lu Qi was even scarier than Lu Man.

He hated Lu Qi even more now.

Although Lu Man did not acknowledge him, she did not scheme to get his money.

Actually, when he thought about it on his own, even after all these years since he fell out with Lu Man, Lu Man really had not made him lose his assets.

The only people who made him lose assets were Lu Qi and Xia Qingyang.

After thinking through all these, Lu Qiyuan felt his jaw hurt.

These two good-for-nothing wastrels!

In Lu Qiyuans eyes, compared to money, what was kinship even

As long as they did not touch his money, they were good people!

Lu Qi indeed denied it.

“Dad, that was all done by Mom behind my back.

I didnt even know about all these things.

When Mom fell into trouble, only then did I know that she actually did so much.

If Id known, I would definitely have stopped her.

How can outsiders be compared to family Why would I then scheme with an outsider to get your assets

“I know my mom did this because of me too.

She thought that she was doing this for me.

She was never smart, but her heart was all on me,” Lu Qi said.

“But no matter what, she did wrong.

But Dad, this matter really has nothing to do with me.”

Lu Qiyuan scoffed mockingly out loud.

Of course he would not believe Lu Qis bull**.

“And I came this time not because I want to scheme for something.

I never thought of getting anything from you.

I just have something to tell you,” Lu Qi said.

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