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Chapter 2479: If You Dont Want to Say It, Just Get Out

“Say it,” Lu Qiyuan said in annoyance.

He did not believe Lu Qi.

How could Lu Qi not be scheming

Given how she and He Zhengbai had been married for so long yet no one outside knew about it, and there wasnt even a wedding held, how could things be well between the two of them

Usually, when he was socializing during business gatherings, he would bump into him often.

But he had seen many times that He Zhengbai was with other women.

If they were the average models or little-known celebrities, that was fine.

But the women he was seeing were legitimate debutantes.

These kinds of women were not to be casually played with by him.

If He Zhengbai dared to do this and Lu Qi did not react at all, Lu Qis situation with the He family would then become obvious.

She had definitely been controlled tightly and strictly by the He family, without any bit of autonomy at all.

And even previously, there had been no news of Lu Qi at all, as if she did not exist at all.

Lu Qiyuan then guessed that during that period of time, Lu Qi might even have had her personal freedoms controlled by the He family.

Who knew what kind of compromise she made now for her to be able to come out and show her face

Anyway, he did not believe that Lu Qi came simply for his sake.

There was definitely a bigger advantage at stake for Lu Qi.

Perhaps she just came to use him.

Lu Qiyuan was not utterly stupid either.

He saw through Lu Qi now, so he naturally would not behave like he did before, being led away by the nose by her.

“Dad, you know that Lu Man is going to hold a wedding soon, right” Lu Qi asked.

Lu Qiyuan replied, “Hmm”

“So you really didnt know,” Lu Qi said.

“She gave out invitation cards at school today.

She gave them to the classmates she was usually on good terms with, as well as to her teammates who went to New York to compete with her before, including students from other schools.

She gave all of them invitation cards.”

Lu Qi raised an eyebrow and said, “She gave them to so many unrelated people, yet she did not even inform you about it.

“And I even asked her who will walk her during her wedding.

Guess what she said She said that of course Wang Juhuai will walk her,” Lu Qi said with sarcasm written all over her face.

“I asked her, isnt she going to inform you Guess what she said”

Lu Qiyuan had had enough of Lu Qi asking him to guess with every other sentence.

“Quickly say it.

If you dont want to say it, just get out!”

Although he was annoyed with Lu Qi, more of it was attributed to his anger towards Lu Man.

Lu Man had actually informed so many people but did not inform him.

Even things like walking the bride into the venue were also left to a stepfather like Wang Juhuai.

She was clearly not treating him as her father anymore.

Lu Qiyuan clearly knew that Lu Qi was saying this to anger him, but he still could not help being angry.

So he vented his rage on Lu Qi.

Lu Qi minced her lips aggrievedly and said, “Its Lu Man who made you angry, so why are you venting it out on me She said it herself, that she didnt have a father like you.

She probably didnt think of inviting you at all.

“I dont care what you think my motive is for telling you all these.

Anyway, she went overboard on this matter.

This is an indisputable truth,” Lu Qi said.

“Outsiders all know that you and Lu Man are not on good terms, but you two are father and daughter, after all.

She didnt even invite you to such a huge event like her wedding.

The person wholl be walking her in is Wang Juhuai, and the person wholl be sitting at the main hosts table as her father is also Wang Juhuai.

“You are just like an outsider with no relation to her at all.

She never even thought of inviting you at all,” Lu Qi said.

“She didnt invite me, which I can understand, actually.

Anyway, our relationship has never been good.

No matter how close the blood ties between siblings are, there are many cases where they fall out with each other completely.

But you and Lu Man are different.

You two are father and daughter.

This is a relationship that cannot be disputed no matter what.

How can she put a stepfather like Wang Juhuai on that seat and not ask for or care about you at all”

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