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Chapter 2485: Anniversary

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Han Zhuoli finally felt satisfied.

At least he managed to see Lu Man.

He had really felt aggrieved.

They were husband and wife, yet just because they were going to hold a wedding, they actually could not meet.

Who was he supposed to find and reason with

“Youve seen me now, right Go back home and have a good rest.

The two of us can still do video calls.

Its not like we really cant see each other.

Even without the rule that we are not supposed to meet each other, you are supposed to come over and fetch me too.

I should be staying here still,” Lu Man said.

“You cant possibly come here and stay, then go back the next morning again.

How tiring would that be” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli also knew that no matter what, he would not be able to step through the door today.

So he just stood there honestly and said, “Then Ill look at you and talk to you for a while more before I leave.”

But Lu Mans heart ached for him too.

Seeing that he had been standing there for quite some time already, she quickly urged him to go back to eat dinner and rest.

Han Zhuoli could only leave in the end.

It was actually Han Zhuoling who even stayed for dinner because of Shi Xiaoya.

Not long after having dinner, Shi Xiaoya received a call from her ex-senior high classmate.

Although they were senior high classmates, they were actually classmates right from primary school, all the way until senior high.

Jixia Academys schooling ran from primary school all the way to senior high.

The students who entered Jixia Academy all came from reputable, established families.

Even if a family was rich from doing business, or if they were celebrities with very high statuses, they would not be able to send their children there even if they wanted to.

It was precisely because they came from reputable and established families that their families businesses all had solid foundations within the country, so even if they had overseas business ventures, their foundations still lay in the country.

There were rarely cases of students leaving halfway through their education at Jixia Academy.

Most of them either remained in the country and went to top schools after graduating from senior high or went overseas for further study.

Hence, classmates from Jixia Academy actually had a better relationship with each other than classmates in university, and they were much more familiar with each other as well.

After all, they had interacted with each other for a much longer period of time.

Its true that they had some small cliques in school and had disagreements with each other before.

But as they grew older, everyone all became mature and rational, and they would not easily make enemies of each other.

Whether they were really that close or not, at least they were not foes, so their interaction was still pretty good.

The person who called this time was their former class monitor, Gao Yaohai.

“Hi, Mr.

Class Monitor,” Shi Xiaoya greeted jokingly.

“Xiaoya, Jixia Academys 100th year founding anniversary is near.

You will be coming, right” Gao Yaohai asked.

It was the 100th year anniversary, a very memorable number to celebrate for.

The school would definitely hold big celebrations even for every tenth anniversary, let alone for an anniversary like its 100th year.

So the school had especially contacted the graduates from each batch to invite them back to school to participate in the schools celebrations.

Luckily, the number of students in Jixia Academy was really not that much.

Coupled with the fact that across these 100 years, if one only counted those who were still alive, the numbers would be reduced by at least 30%.

Of the remaining 70%, those who were healthy and were able to participate because they were in the country were only actually the middle-aged people and the millennials.

If 50% of people could come, that would already be considered a lot.

But for such an important event, those who could come would definitely come.

Those who had to work hard to come would also give their best effort and try to come as much as possible.

The 100th year anniversary would be a grand affair and would also be a good opportunity to expand ones connections.

The anniversary this time would surely gather the finest rich heirs in the country.

It was very rare for any other activity to be able to gather so many rich heirs from reputable and established families like Jixia Academys school anniversary celebrations did.

For so many of them to be gathered all at once…

Everyone thought the same way, that they could give the school face and get to know many people whom they did not have a chance to know before.

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