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Chapter 2488: Nervous

Han Zhuoling nodded and said, “If you cant stay there anymore, give me a call and I will pick you up.”

Han Zhuoling could not stay here for too long since it was someone elses house.

He was too embarrassed to suggest staying here with Shi Xiaoya.

Therefore, it was not only Han Zhuoli who was unable to see his own wife and hug his soft wife to sleep.

Han Zhuoling also could not see his fiance and hug her to sleep.

After Han Zhuoling left, Shi Xiaoya washed up and went to find Lu Man.

“Youre still not asleep” asked Shi Xiaoya after seeing that Lu Man was not tired at all.

“I cant sleep.” Lu Man hugged her pillow and invited Shi Xiaoya to come over.

Both of them had changed into their pajamas, giving off the vibe of besties who were about to have late-night talks.

Shi Xiaoya sat on the bed as Lu Man shoved a bolster pillow into her arms.

“Its been a while since you married Han Zhuoli.

Do you still get nervous” asked Shi Xiaoya, laughing.

“Yes.” Lu Man pinched the corner of the pillow.

“I also thought that I wont be nervous.

After all, before we got married, we lived together for a while.

I thought that although we were not husband and wife, it should be almost the same.

However, as I think about the wedding tomorrow, I get so nervous just like on the day before we have gotten our marriage certificate.

I was so nervous that I couldnt sleep that night.”

Shi Xiaoya placed her chin on the bolster pillow.

“How does it feel to be married How does it feel to get your marriage certificate How does it feel to have a wedding tomorrow”

Lu Man blinked and smirked.

“Why Are you curious about how it will feel to get your marriage certificate and have a wedding with my elder brother”

Shi Xiaoya felt that she had already asked the question, so there was no harm in admitting it.

Shi Xiaoya blushed as she nodded.


Even though we are staying together and are engaged, this must be different from being married.

To compare, I think we are still two separate individuals right now, but after getting married, we will become a family, then…”

Shi Xiaoya was gesturing as she drew a ball with her two hands.

“Its like combining into one.

Even the small conflicts and things that we fight about will be different after getting married.”

Lu Man asked curiously, “Have you argued with Big Brother”

She was curious what Han Zhuoling would look like when quarreling with someone.

He had always been so serious.

Usually, nobody was bold enough to anger him, let alone quarrel.

Arguments between couples always start because of some odd topics.

From others points of view, these were always very minor things.

So Lu Man was very curious about what Han Zhuoli would be like when he was arguing with his girlfriend.

Shi Xiaoya immediately waved her hand and said, “No, we havent argued.”

They could not argue.

For there was nothing to be angry about.

No matter what it was, Han Zhuoli always put her first, did not make her sad, and did not let anything that would make her angry happen between them.

“I cant imagine how Big Brother would look like when he argues with people,” said Lu Man.

After being curious about Shi Xiaoyas and Han Zhuolings relationship, Lu Man did not feel very nervous anymore.

“You still need to wake up early tomorrow.

Sleep early.

I wont disturb you anymore.” Shi Xiaoya got off the bed and placed the bolster pillow nicely.

As she walked to the door, she reminded her again, “You must sleep.

Dont keep your eyes open for the entire night.

Youre the bride tomorrow; your beauty is a priority.

Even though makeup can cover up dark circles around your eyes, it cant cover up your energy level.”

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