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Chapter 2496: Dont Hug Me So Tightly

So he felt assured.

If there were people there whom he could not feel assured about and who would really make others misunderstand that he could not last long, how was he supposed to explain himself

As Wei Zhiqian was feeling troubled by that, he walked over to the staircase to watch Wei Wucai do frog jumps up the stairs.

Shi Xiaoya was the one holding the timer at the side.


At the same time as she shouted that, she also pressed on the start button of the timer on the phone screen.

At the same time, Wei Wucai also started jumping while carrying Yan Zhiqing.

He really lived up to his name of being a member of Mount Lan Compound.

Wei Wucai just jumped up two steps right away, and it even looked quite easy for him to do it.

He did quite a lot of frog jump exercises with weights every day.

At Mount Lan Compound, this was a compulsory training segment every morning.

At Mount Lan Compound, everyone woke up at 5:30 in the morning.

After 15 minutes, everyone would have to gather and run around the winding mountain roads in Mount Lan.

In the last round, they would run into the Mount Lan Compound.

The Compound had steep and high staircases.

They had to carry sandbags and do frog jumps up the stairs.

After undergoing such strict training for such a long time, he had long gotten used to it.

And as time passed, he would no longer feel much about the weights he had once found quite difficult to bear, as if it felt as natural as his own body weight.

So, the weights on Yan Zhiqing right now might be a little heavier than usual for Wei Wucai, but it was still not an issue for him.

Moreover, before this moment today, he had not done any other training beforehand.

So his energy level was right at its peak.

Yan Zhiqing wanted to cause trouble for him, but she did not dare to.

If Wei Wucai lost balance and fell down the stairs, she would be the one cushioning his fall!

In the end, she saw that Wei Wucai actually jumped two steps up each time.

Whenever she saw him jump, he would raise his knees exceptionally high every time.

Yan Zhiqing shouted in fear, “Cant you go a bit more steadily Just do the jumps step by step! What if you fall down”

Of course Wei Wucai had this confidence.

This was as easy as walking normally on the road to him.

“Anyway, you girls set this task yourselves.

You cant blame me.” Wei Wucai continued saying like an insensitive single man, “And even if I really fall, you are behind me.

You can cushion my fall.”

Yan Zhiqing was only concerned about being scared now and could no longer be bothered to be angry.

She tightened her arms around Wei Wucais neck.

Even her legs also squeezed tightly around his waist.

She was like a koala, hugging tightly onto a big tree

Yan Zhiqing was way too nervous.

Every time Wei Wucai jumped into the air, she felt as if she was riding a roller-coaster and felt exceptionally insecure.

Every time he jumped up, Yan Zhiqing felt that she might just be thrown off.

So at such moments, she felt even more nervous and would subconsciously hug Wei Wucai even tighter.

But because she felt too nervous, she forgot that when she was hugging him so tightly, her chest leaned right against his back.

There was no gap between the two of them at all.

Wei Wucai could very clearly feel the softness from her leaning onto him.

And every time she hugged him tightly, his back was squeezed tightly as well, making that soft sensation even more palpable.

Yet Yan Zhiqing did not sense it at all.

Her arms were hugging him tightly.

In this way, her face would also be very close to him.

Her cheek unconsciously bumped against his ear and a small part of his cheek, and her breaths also landed softly on his ear.

Wei Wucais heart started beating rapidly from her nudges.

Feeling her breaths on his ear made his ear feel very hot, and the tips of his ears started reddening at the same time.

“Dont hug me so tightly,” Wei Wucai said past gritted teeth.

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