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Chapter 2500: Father and Daughter

The kid that had just praised Lu Man then said, “Then I will marry a celebrity when I grow up!”

Lu Man: “… ”

Children were so interesting.

Han Zhuoli laughed and said, “See Dont tell me you just influenced a kid just like that, such that he will insist on marrying only a celebrity when he grows up”

“What are you saying” Lu Man did not know whether to cry or laugh when she heard that.

“How can a kids words be trusted Hes still a kid, so who knows how much he will have changed when he grows up.”

But Lu Man really did not expect that after that little boy grew up, hed really keep insisting on having female celebrities as his girlfriends, and no one could stop him.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man entered the family home.

Although it was mostly Western-style wedding ceremonies that were held nowadays, many of the procedures held during the wedding day itself retained Chinese-style traditions.

Like the tea ceremony where tea would be offered to the elders.

Han Xijin and Shen Nuo sat on the sofa.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man stood before the two of them.

Lu Man picked up a teacup and said, “Dad, please drink the tea.”

And then she gave it to Shen Nuo and said, “Mom, please drink the tea.”

Han Xijin and Shen Nuo were over the moon and kept saying, “Okay, okay.”

Although Han Zhuoli and Lu Man got married long ago, they had also been waiting for a long time to drink the tea served by their daughter-in-law.

Especially since Lu Man had even fallen into a coma before and almost did not manage to wake up.

Now that the two of them could serve them tea to drink properly here, they felt a sense of relief that the worst had passed.

The best thing they could ask for would be for their children to be safe and sound.

Shen Nuo smiled with satisfaction written all over her face.

After the tea ceremony, they then set off for the hotel.

When they went out, unsurprisingly, they saw the bunch of little kiddos they had met outside just before.

Auntie Sun happily gave out wedding sweets to all the children outside.

When the children opened them, they saw a whole bag of Godiva chocolates and all squinted their eyes in delight, gobbling all of them up on the spot.

When Han Zhuoli and Lu Man reached the hotel, they went to the lounge.

Shi Xiaoya was a bridesmaid and the makeup artist, which made it convenient for her to follow Lu Man around and help Lu Man touch up her makeup.

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli waited in the banquet hall.

Lu Man watched how Shi Xiaoya was touching up her makeup for her through the mirror and said, “Xiaoya, what will you do when you get married Who will do your makeup for you Given your skills, other people wont be able to do makeup as well as you do.”

“Then why dont I do it for myself” Shi Xiaoya said with a laugh.

“Dont joke about this.

Think about this scene where youre wearing a wedding dress, sitting in front of the mirror, and having to trouble yourself about doing makeup on your own.

How do you think that would look like” Lu Man said, smiling.

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and felt that the scenario looked quite strange indeed.

“Then I will think about it when the time comes, see who will be a suitable person to ask.” Actually, the best person would be her teacher.

But she did not know if her teacher would have time then.

“Its done.” Shi Xiaoya then lightly dusted some loose powder on both sides of Lu Mans nose and touched up her lip color.

“Man Man, are you ready Its about time to prepare entering the venue now.” Xia Qingwei had knocked on the door before saying this outside the door.

“Im done,” Lu Man said as she walked to the door to open it.

When she opened the door, she saw Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei standing outside.

“Lets go,” Wang Juhuai said with a smile.

Lu Man nodded.

She lifted her dress and walked with them to the entrance of the banquet hall.

After theyd been waiting for a few minutes, the sound of the Wedding March started playing in the banquet hall.

Wang Juhuai lifted his elbow towards Lu Man, and Lu Man then hooked her hand around Wang Juhuais elbow.

Wang Juhuai sighed and said, “I didnt expect that there would come a day when I would have the good fortune of walking my daughter down the red carpet at her wedding.”

Lu Man turned to look at Wang Juhuai, her eyes tearing up a little.

She sniffled and said, “I also didnt expect that I could have such good fortune as to have a father that I respect and admire walking down the red carpet together with me.”

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