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Chapter 2501: A Worthwhile Life

Lu Man had never thought of such a good thing before.

In the past, she only thought of getting away from the Lu family and leading a good life with Xia Qingwei.

In the end, not only did she manage to get away, but she even met Han Zhuoli.

Then, after that, she thought that getting together with Han Zhuoli was already the Heavens taking pity on her after seeing how tragic her past life had been.

Yet she did not expect that she could also have a father like Wang Juhuai.

Wang Juhuai fulfilled all the wishes and dreams she had of a father.

Upright, nice, and an honorable role model for his children.

“Dad,” Lu Man called.

Wang Juhuai just felt that how Lu Man addressed him just now was worth a thousand pieces of gold.

“Aye!” Wang Juhuai also answered in an equally heartfelt and cherishing manner.

“Thank you, thank you for letting me have a father.

Thank you for treating me like your biological daughter.

I never thought that I could have such a wonderful and complete life in this lifetime.

To be able to have such a good father like you as my role model, my pillar of support, and also my source of confidence.” Lu Mans tears were welling up in her eyes, about to fall any moment.

Wang Juhuai also teared up as he said, “Dont cry, we are about to go in.

If you cry, you wont look good.”

“Mm.” Lu Man nodded and smiled.

She lifted her head up and blinked her tears away.

“As for me, I have a daughter and a son in this life, so it makes my life worthwhile too,” Wang Juhuai said with a smile.

Before Lu Man could say anything, the grand doors to the banquet hall opened.

Wang Juhuai brought Lu Man and walked in tandem with the beat of the Wedding March, walking slowly, step by step, towards Han Zhuoli.

The wedding this time had not been kept a secret to outsiders by the Han Family.

Theyd left all the news publishing work for the wedding to Nan Yin.

So all the reporters present at the venue were all from Nan Yin.

Tang Zi also came.

But Tang Zi came as an invited guest and sat at the tables on the brides side.

When Tang Zi came and saw that he actually got assigned to be seated on the table where the brides family sat and that he would be sitting together with Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei, he instantly felt stunned.

“Why… Why did you assign me to this table” Tang Zi asked in surprise.

Xia Qingwei smiled and said, “Quickly, sit down.

I have long treated you like my son.

In the past, when I and Man Man were in so much hardship, its all thanks to your help that we pulled through.”

Xia Qingwei turned and explained to Wang Juhuai, “This is Fang Jingtang, Man Mans good friend.

Hes a reporter at Nan Yin now.

I and Man Man both call him Tang Zi.

“In the past, when Man Man was going through hardship with the Lus and I had been seriously ill and relying on Man Mans money to barely survive, that period of time was really miserable for us, and we really had Tang Zi to thank for helping us back then.

At that time, Man Man ran around everywhere to make money and could not stay by my side often.

So everything else was all thanks to Tang Zis help.

“He had also been very busy reporting on news, yet he helped Man Man to come and take care of me even while he was busy with news reporting.” Xia Qingwei sighed and said, “During that period of time, if not for Tang Zi being around, life would only have been more difficult for us mother and daughter, and we might even… not have been able to persevere on.”

When Wang Juhuai heard Xia Qingwei say that, his expression immediately turned somber.

“Many thanks to you,” Wang Juhuai said with a somber expression.

“If you dont mind, you can treat us like family from now on.”

Tang Zi immediately said, “Youre too polite.

I am good friends with Lu Man, and friends should help each other.

Anyway, during that period of time when Auntie and Lu Man were in such a difficult time, as a friend, of course I couldnt just stand by the side and watch without doing anything.

Actually, I didnt do much.

Auntie made it sound too serious.”

Xia Qingwei smiled and shook her head.

Wang Juhuai said, “Quickly, sit down.

Dont stand on formalities with us here.”

Lu Man had not invited a lot of people on her side.

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