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Chapter 2503: Blessed

“They mustve found someone to design it especially for her.

How would Han Zhuoli let Lu Man purchase ready-made ones”

Finally, Wang Juhuai and Lu Man stopped in front of Han Zhuoli.

It was a short red carpet, but Han Zhuoli felt that it was too long.

Lu Man seemed to take forever to reach him.

Just like in their previous lives, when she took an entire lifetime and a fresh start to be with him…

He had waited a lifetime and finally found Lu Man.

Wang Juhuai recalled what he just said to Lu Man outside the doors and immediately had a feeling like his daughter was getting stolen by someone.

And he instantly understood how fathers felt marrying off their daughters.

He couldnt bear to let her go and didnt want to hand her over.

“Dad.” Han Zhuoli reminded Wang Juhuai to quickly hand Lu Man to him.

Lu Man turned and saw the reluctance on Wang Juhuais face.

And she couldnt hold back the tears any longer.

She was also a daughter treasured by her father!

Seeing Wang Juhuais attitude, the guests were sure Wang Juhuai really saw Lu Man as his own daughter.

He used to help Lu Man with her work, and now, on her wedding, its Wang Juhuai sending her off and not Lu Qiyuan, her biological father.

A sweeping view of the venue held no results of Lu Qiyuans silhouette.

It seemed Lu Man really didnt invite Lu Qiyuan.

And Wang Juhuais actions were so sincere and obviously couldnt be faked.

Everyone sighed in their hearts, knowing of Lu Qiyuan and Lu Mans relationship and seeing how true Wang Juhuai was to Lu Man.

Her real father wasnt dependable, but at least she had Wang Juhuai.

This Lu Man was rather blessed.

How was she not blessed

Loved by Han Zhuoli, whos such a good and dedicated man.

Who knew how many lifetimes worth of good karma was involved in that

Everyone sighed in their hearts.

If they hadnt known about Wang Juhuais and Lu Mans relationship, no one would know they werent a real father-daughter pair.

Wang Juhuai sighed, finally passing Lu Mans hand to Han Zhuoli.

“Im handing Man Man to you.

I trust youll treat her well.

But I still got to say, no matter what happens, Im still her dad!”

“Dad…” Lu Man called gratefully, her tears sliding gracefully down her cheeks.

A reporter at the side in charge of the live-stream quickly asked, “Did you film it”

Looking at the photos wasnt captivating enough.

Only a video could touch the hearts of viewers.

“Got it.”

“Okay, post the video later!”


Everyone watching this no longer had doubts about why Lu Mans called Wang Juhuai “Dad” naturally.

Their affection emerged from their interactions.

How could she distance herself from him when Wang Juhuai was so sincere

Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans hand, promising Wang Juhuai, “Dad, Man Mans someone Ive waited for for a long time.

Ill only treasure her and treat her well this whole life.”

Wang Juhuai nodded with a sigh.

“I believe you.”

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli stood together, and looking at them, Wang Juhuai thought they made a perfect pair.

Wang Juhuai got off the stage and returned to his seat beside Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingweis eyes were already swollen red from crying.

Wang Juhuai quickly passed her his handkerchief to wipe her tears with.

“Im not worried that Man Man wont live well.

I wont worry about Man Man if shes with Zhuoli.

Shell only live more happily.” Xia Qingwei sobbed.

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