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Chapter 2517: A Mans Waist Is Important

Even if she did not wear makeup, she could still look amazing in this grand and exquisite wedding dress.

That small face of hers looked exceptionally exquisite with this wedding dress.

“How is my wife so beautiful” Han Zhuoli muttered.

It was as if he said it subconsciously and had accidentally voiced his thoughts.

She clearly heard Han Zhuoli say such things quite often usually, but at this moment, Han Zhuolis careful and gentle gaze coupled with his words made Lu Man feel so shy that she could not even lift her head up.

Yet Han Zhuoli was still staring at her.

He even took another two steps back so that he could see Lu Man from top to toe at once.

Although Lu Mans head was lowered, she could still clearly feel his gaze on her.

Seeing that Han Zhuoli was actually not done staring, Lu Man finally could not help but look up, feeling a little shy as she said, “What are you still staring at”

Han Zhuoli walked closer to her, step by step, and came to a stop right in front of her.

His legs were also buried in her wedding dress.

Han Zhuoli lowered his head and said, “Staring at how beautiful you are.”

Han Zhuoli cupped her slender neck with his palms and said, “I just feel like we are really considered newlyweds only today.”

For some reason, Lu Man felt extremely nervous at this moment.

Like what Han Zhuoli said, she felt that they really only just got married today.

She felt so nervous that it became a little difficult to breathe.

She clutched the hem of her dress nervously and then heard Han Zhuoli say, “From that day when I first saw you wearing this wedding dress, that time when we were at Qin Zigous studio, I already had a thought.”

Lu Man looked at him, feeling puzzled.

Han Zhuoli said in a hoarse voice, “That is, I want to personally take the wedding dress off your body.”

Lu Mans face instantly blushed furiously red.

Han Zhuoli smiled and said, “I didnt get the chance to do it this afternoon, so I was thinking, we have to do it again at night no matter what.”

Lu Man did not expect that he had kept coaxing her to wear the wedding dress because he actually had this thought in mind.

Lu Man pinched him hard at his waist in a huff.

“Dont pinch, dont pinch.” Han Zhuoli quickly held her hand and said, “A mans waist is very important.

If the waist isnt good, it wont work as well when doing the deed.”

Lu Man: “… ”

This man.

Why did he have so much nonsense to say!

Right after that, she heard a soft chuckle beside her ear and got carried up by Han Zhuoli.

With a spin, before Lu Man could feel dizzy, he had already placed her on the bed.

Right after that, Han Zhuoli pressed down on her and said, “I am wondering whether I should take off the wedding dress first or lift up the hem first.”

What kind of words were these!

Lu Mans face was already beet red.

She smacked him hard!

“You actually remembered not to hit my waist.” Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans fist and chuckled softly.

Lu Man did not know what to do with him anymore.

In the end, the dress was way too long and really not convenient.

Han Zhuoli wanted to just lift up the hem at first.

There would be more feels if she was wearing the wedding dress.

But he realized that this goal was not very easy to accomplish.

So Han Zhuoli could only help her remove her wedding dress first.

Yet the moment he saw her milky white skin revealing itself bit by bit, dazzling his eyes…

Han Zhuoli then felt that this choice was a really good one.

Who knew if it was because he got aroused by the wedding dress, but Han Zhuoli had boundless energy.

He did not stop even at the end when Lu Man pleaded for mercy with her throat all hoarse.

Han Zhuoli was strangely obsessed with that wedding dress.

Although he could not make Lu Man continue wearing it, he just grabbed it and covered her with it.

With only half of her body covered, it gave off an indescribably seductive feeling.

With him being aroused by this, Lu Man thought it was about to end at first.

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