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Chapter 2518: Its All Because of Him

Somehow, he got the energy to do it again.

It did not end.

Lu Man couldnt think about anything else.

All she could think about was Han Zhuoli.

She felt so uncomfortable that she wanted to hold on to something.

Even as she scratched his back again and again, her cravings were still unsatisfied.

She turned and held on to her pillow.

Yet, soon after that, Han Zhuoli dragged her and she could not even hold on to her pillow.

Lu Man moaned and felt like she was about to cry out of anger because of Han Zhuoli.

How could it be that this man still had the energy to continue!

In the end, she felt herself being unable to endure this.

When she was about to faint, Han Zhuoli stopped.

Lu Man then heaved a sigh of relief.

Thankfully, she did not faint.

Otherwise, that would have been too embarrassing.

However, even now, Lu Man was no better than if she were to faint.

Han Zhuoli held her in his arms.

She was like a pool of water.

She could not move at all, allowing Han Zhuoli to move her in any way.

The moment it ended, Lu Man closed her eyes and slept.

Han Zhuoli still wanted to chat with her.

Because of todays wedding, it felt like they were newly married.

He was so excited and was filled with energy.

And so, he could not sleep at all.

Yet, as he looked down, he saw that Lu Man was already asleep.

Han Zhuoli smacked his lips and held Lu Man in his arms as he tried to sleep as well.

He tried for a long time before he eventually fell asleep.

On the second day, Han Zhuoli was the first to wake up.

Lu Man was so tired that she didnt wake up until it was late in the morning.

When Han Zhuoli woke up, he did not leave the bed hurriedly.

He looked to the side and supported his head with his hand as he watched Lu Mans sleeping face.

He then saw the bruises and marks he had made on Lu Mans body last night.

There were kissing marks.

There were also bruises caused by him holding her too hard.

Each bruise and mark represented the exciting night.

However, seeing how tired Lu Man was, Han Zhuoli felt sorry.

With this, he left a kiss on the bruise on her shoulder.

Even so, Lu Man still stayed asleep.

She was very tired.

Han Zhuoli left the bed quietly and came back with his laptop.

He sat beside Lu Man and was doing work as he waited for Lu Man to wake up.

Two hours passed and it was already 12 PM when Lu Man began opening her eyes slowly, appearing to still be in a daze.

However, she still felt like she could sleep again if she closed her eyes.

She blinked and heard the sounds of keyboards clicking.

She opened her eyes and saw Han Zhuoli working beside her.

“What time is it” Lu Man asked in a drowsy tone.

However, when they both heard Lu Mans voice, they were surprised.

Lu Mans voice was so hoarse, it was as though she was seriously ill.

Lu Man was so shocked.

Why did her voice sound so hoarse

Han Zhuoli placed his laptop on the side and lowered his head as he asked, “Did I wake you up”

Lu Man shook her head.

Han Zhuoli then said, “Let me pour you a cup of water first.”

With this, Han Zhuoli left the bed and went out of the room.

Soon, not only did he bring a cup of water back, but he also brought a sore throat candy.

He first lifted her up.

But when Lu Man moved, she felt as though her entire body had been run over by a car.

It was so painful.

Because her throat was sore, she didnt dare to make a sound.

She could only groan in pain and scold Han Zhuoli with her eyes.

She didnt even dare to move.

Whenever she moved, her body ached.

It was all because of him!

Han Zhuoli could tell what had happened.

He knew that he had gone overboard.

He laughed awkwardly in guilt.

His laughter was not confident at all.

“Man Man, drink some water.” Regardless of what had happened, Han Zhuoli made sure that Lu Man drank some water.

He then fed her the sore throat candy.

The minty and loquat-flavored throat lozenge slowly melted in her mount, causing her throat to feel icy.

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