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Chapter 2525: Just Admit Defeat

All along, Yan Zhiqing treated Lu Xiuse like a clown who just kept prancing in front of her non-stop.

She could not be bothered with her.

But sometimes, Lu Xiuse would have too much fun prancing around her, which really irritated her quite a lot.

Even though Yan Zhiqing had had her rebellious phase and had really been very willful, willful to the point that even her own older brother Yan Beicheng was annoyed with her…

She had the Yan Family blood in her after all.

She had the righteousness and pride of the Yan Family people.

So that was why Yan Zhiqing insisted on relying on her own hard work all this time.

That was why she did not use the Yan Family to suppress Lu Xiuse or do anything to her.

“Lu Xiuse is different from you.

She is very willing to go all out,” Mou Danqiong reminded her.

Yan Zhiqing had the Yan Family, she had her pride.

She naturally could not do what Lu Xiuse did.

Even if she did not have the Yan Family backing her up, she would not get any kind of backer at all.

Given Mou Danqiongs understanding of Yan Zhiqing, even if Yan Zhiqing did not have the kind of background the Yan Family gave her and was just a normal, hardworking actress, she would also have chosen to be like those old actresses who remained quite unknown up until today and just appeared as familiar faces in supporting roles in films and dramas, slowly getting through things.

As long as there were opportunities, she would seize them, but she would not betray herself for it.

When Yan Zhiqing heard that, she raised her eyebrow and said, “Isnt the CEO of the brands company headquarters the one coming over this time They also want to play this scheme”

“Men are the same everywhere in the world.” Mou Danqiong sat beside Yan Zhiqing with a bit of space in between them.

“They will accept any woman who throws herself at them.

As for whether they will agree to her request, it just depends on whether they take a liking to her and whether she serves them well.

“And even if she did not manage to seduce the CEO of the headquarters, those in the country are not kind men at all.

Because of work, they have their fair share of interactions with the entertainment industry.

Those activities and business dinners, they would all have to attend them,” Mou Danqiong said.

“Besides those that are openly held, during the period when the brand sets up a country branch here and officially prepares to enter the domestic market, there would already be quite a few celebrities whod make their move.

All kinds of business gatherings and dinners would have celebrities keeping them company.

Even if they really did not have anything to lose from it, they would surely have to do some things when playing along during such dinners.”

Mou Danqiong made it sound quite euphemistic, but Yan Zhiqing understood what she implied.

She propped up her elbow on the car window and tapped her fingertips lightly on her lips.

“Lets see how it goes.

If someone can really snag the endorsement by selling her body, then thats a form of ability too.

At least they really sacrificed something.

I wont be able to do that, so I will just admit defeat.”

Mou Danqiong laughed and shook her head.

Yan Zhiqing had quite a contradictory personality.

One might say she was good-natured and easygoing, but she was actually very strong-headed when she was filming and would insist on achieving her best standard.

If there were any opportunities to audition for a role, she would also seize the chance and fight for what she should.

She would never be nice or easygoing about it.

But though one might say she was strong-headed and stubborn when it came to things like snatching resources, Yan Zhiqing was actually quite open-minded about it.

She would try her best to compete when she did, but she would never resort to underhanded or cheap tricks.

If she did not manage to win eventually and lost, she would not get angry or anxious either.

Every time, at such moments, the line that she said the most often would be, “If I lose, so be it.

I will just try harder next time.”

Mou Danqiong knew that Yan Zhiqing wasnt like this because she came from the Yan Family and did not worry about money.

After all, she had earned quite a lot from acting too.

And the reason why others tried their best to compete and hold high ambition was because their desires knew no bounds.

They wanted money and power and did not want others to earn more than they did.

But Yan Zhiqing just wanted to have a clear conscience.

She tried her best and lost, so she had no regrets.

She was so honest that it made one admire her.

After all, there were not many people who could persist to the level she did.

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