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Chapter 2529: Then Why Dont You Leave

“I even thought that it was such a coincidence this time that Im competing against you for the ambassador position.

I felt terrible.

I was worried that the competition between us would ruin our relationship, or even make us become enemies.

“I didnt think that in your heart, we have been enemies since the beginning and were never friends…” said Lu Xiuse bitterly.

Mou Danqiong, who was already used to the lying, the fighting, and the acting in the entertainment world, watched from the side.

But she also admired how shameless Lu Xiuse was.

Of course, Mou Danqiong had always admired how Lu Xiese was shameless and jumped straight to acting.

If she had used this acting skill in shows and had refined it, maybe there would be a chance of her winning against Yan Zhiqing in terms of the quality of the work produced.

Unfortunately, Lu Xiuse only wanted to earn money.

Regarding the matter today, Trubo had contacted and really invited only Yan Zhiqing.

In the end, Lu Xiuse was also present.

Mou Danqiong also felt disgusted about how this had been set up by Lu Xiuse, CEO Luo, and Deputy CEO Zhang.

Based on her understanding of Lu Xiuse, she did not have to think to know what Lu Xiuse had done to set this up.

Of course she used her body!

Mou Danqiong was not the top manager, but she was the manager of the celebrities in the upper echelon.

She was not someone that could be easily provoked.

And now, Mou Danqiong took note of what had happened.

She was determined to get revenge one day.

As for now, after watching Lu Xiuses acting, Mou Danqiongs face darkened.

Nobody would have thought that Yan Zhiqing would say, “Sister Xiuse, you only learned that we are on bad terms today”

Lu Xiuse did not think that there would be any traps in Yan Zhiqings words.

She saw how cynical Yan Zhiqing looked and thought that Yan Zhiqing was just purely insulting her.

So Lu Xiuse smiled bitterly as she nodded.

“Yeah, I didnt know…”

Yan Zhiqing bent her body forward slightly.

“Since you know about it now, its not too late for you to leave.”

“What” Lu Xiuse was dumbfounded as she looked at Yan Zhiqing.

A person who was so smooth and good at acting was dumbfounded by what Yan Zhiqing had said.

At that moment, she was stunned and could not say anything.

Mou Danqiong smiled.

Lu Xiuse could not act anymore.

Yan Zhiqing smiled.

“If you leave now, then we will still be good friends.”

Lu Xiuses smile froze.

Her mouth twitched twice before she said, “Zhiqing, even if we are friends, theres no reason to ask each other to quit the competition.

This opportunity is right in front of us; anyone has the right to fight for this opportunity.”

“Sister Xiuse, you misunderstood.” Yan Zhiqing smiled.

“I am not asking you to quit this competition.

I am just asking you to leave for today.

You can make an appointment for another day, then you can fight however you want and can even compete for the same ambassador position.

Let me tell you the truth.

I just dont want to eat at the same table as you.”

Lu Xiuse wanted to say, “Then why dont you leave”

But she had just expressed how close they were, and now, she could not bring herself to say that.

Sensing the increasing hostility between the two, CEO Luo interrupted and said, “Since Xiuse is already here, lets not make her trip here a waste of effort! I see that both of you actually have a pretty decent relationship.

For our sake, lets all eat together and leave together.”

Yan Zhiqing continued smiling.

And yet, she did not talk at all.

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