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Chapter 2535: Sincerity

Luo Qingxian felt very embarrassed after Wei Wucai said those words, so she said, “After all, youre not young anymore.

Lets not talk about our social circle, but just among the eight great families, which of them around your age isnt accomplished and successful Meanwhile, you still work in a small office for other people.”

Hearing what Wei Wucai had said previously, Luo Qingxian naturally thought that Wei Wucais workplace was probably a very average detective agency.

“Even if I am not accomplished, I dont need you to worry about it, Miss Luo,” Wei Wucai said.

“As for me, I dont have great ambitions.

I just like to keep this job of mine that nobody looks well on.

In this lifetime, this is about all that I will achieve.

Miss Luo, you dont need to worry for me about this anymore.”

Luo Qingxian pursed her lips.

She finally could not help but scoff.

He was useless and had no great ambition.

What a waste of a good-looking face.

At this moment, his phone happened to ring.

Wei Wucai picked up his phone and glanced at it before saying, “Im sorry.

I have to go out and take a call.”

Wei Wucai took his phone and went out.

Actually, it was not anything serious.

It was just Yuan Jiangyi feeling bored, so he especially called him to have a chit-chat.

Wei Wucai rolled his eyes and said, “Hao Zi and Boss are both there.

How would you not have anyone to chat with”

The “Hao Zi” that Wei Wucai was referring to was the team leader of the Day Shadows, Hao Donghuai.

As for “Boss,” that was the head of their intelligence department, Fang Boran.

“Hao Zi is just a boorish man.

Talking to him will lead the conversation nowhere,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

Wei Wucai: “…”

But Wei Wucai would rather stand on the corridor and chat with Yuan Jiangyi than go back and face Luo Qingxian.

He was about to chat more with Yuan Jiangyi when he saw the door to a room open.

That room happened to be the one that Yan Zhiqing had gone into.

Wei Wucai was not a busybody originally, but when he saw that, it was as if he got possessed and could not help but walk over.

“Dead,” Wei Wucai said to Yuan Jiangyi through the phone.

“What” Yuan Jiangyi was confused by what he had said.

Why did he suddenly say “dead” when they were chatting well.

“Our conversation is also dead now,” Wei Wucai said.


After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

“Hello! Hello!” Yuan Jiangyi shouted twice at the call that had already ended, but there was no response.

He then put down his phone and said to his phone, “What the f*ck, what is going on”

Meanwhile, in Yan Zhiqings room, she was staring with a cold expression as Lu Xiuse just shamelessly started seducing the CEO of the entire corporation, Edwood.

Seeing how passionate she was, she appeared as if she was on the verge of sweeping away the dishes on the table and just doing it there and then with Edwood.

Lu Xiuses hand had just reached over to Edwoods lap, inching up from his knee, slowly caressing it, teasing Edwood until his heart itched and he felt restless.

These Westerners were pretty open when it came to such matters between men and women.

Now that Lu Xiuse had taken the initiative so passionately and it was consensual, Edwood would naturally not reject.

Who knew if he would give the brand endorsement to Lu Xiuse just like that, but Lu Xiuse would be able to get some benefits from it anyway.

CEO Luo was sitting beside Yan Zhiqing.

He leaned over, smiling as he said, “Miss Yan, look, Miss Lu has shown us her sincerity too for the sake of the brand endorsement.”

CEO Luo had drunk quite a lot.

He reeked of alcohol all over now, and even his words were a little slurry.

He was intoxicated and had lost his self-control.

Yan Zhiqing wondered, if CEO Luo was clear-headed, would he still dare to speak to her like that

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