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Xia Qingwei said anxiously, “You shouldnt go then, its too dangerous!”

“Mom, all those were accidents.

If it was really dangerous, how could Big Brother Han let me go” Lu Man quickly gave a look to Han Zhuoli.

“Mom, its really true.

If its dangerous, I wont let her go,” Han Zhuoli immediately said.

Regarding anything concerning Lu Man, Xia Qingwei trusted Han Zhuoli more than Lu Man herself.

“If Xiao Han says so, then Ill trust you.”

Lu Man was resigned.

Xia Qingwei actually trusted Han Zhuoli more.

Actually, Xia Qingwei felt that Lu Man would only share her joy with her but not her worries since Lu Man was always afraid that she would be worried.

So even if it really was dangerous, Lu Man wouldnt tell her either.

On the other hand, Han Zhuoli would always cherish Lu Man, he cared for Lu Man more than Lu Man herself.

Hence, regarding any matter concerning Lu Man, she was willing to believe in Han Zhuoli.

“Then, in the future, are you thinking of joining the entertainment industry” Xia Qingwei was concerned and worried.

“Being in the entertainment industry is like swimming in murky waters.

Putting Lu Qis terrible scandal aside, these few years, Ive seen quite a lot of gossip.

Its dark in there.

Im afraid that others will take advantage of you.”

“Mom, I havent decided yet.

Im only going to film and give it a try.

Since Director Sun Yiwu has chosen me, Ill just go and give it a shot.

Its like a chance for me to consider other options, more directions to develop my career,” Lu Man explained, “Besides, Im only acting as a third female lead.

So many people have acted as female leads yet they couldnt get famous.

Im just the third female lead, how could I suddenly burst into popularity”

“Mom, arent I here too” Nowadays, Han Zhuoli was calling herMom very fluently.

“Those people in the entertainment industry dont have someone behind to support them, so naturally they will try to sleep their way to the top and use all sorts of dirty tricks to harm others.

But with me around, who will dare to hurt Lu Man”

“Thats true too.” Thinking about Han Zhuolis status, Xia Qingwei was assured again.

At that instant, she felt that Xiao Han was honestly too reliable.

No matter which industry Lu Man worked in, as long as Han Zhuoli was there, she wouldnt be exploited!

Right then and there, Xia Qingwei no longer had any more concern.

“Alright then, Mom will listen to you.

Do what you like.

You can choose whatever you want to do in the future too.”

After Han Zhuoli finished eating, he sat around for a while and then took his leave, afraid that he might disturb Xia Qingwei from being able to rest.

Moreover, since Lu Man would be filming soon, Xia Qingwei wont be able to see Lu Man for quite some time, so he wanted to leave some time for the mother and daughter duo to have a proper talk.

Thus, Han Zhuoli drove off and just left.

Right behind him, another Benz stopped.

In that car, Xia Qingyang was in the back seat and from the space between the drivers seat and passenger seat in the front row happened to see the car driving off.

Feeling strange, she mumbled, “Since when was there such a nice car in this poor place”

“Mom, what did you say” Lu Qi did not hear her clearly.

Just then, Xia Qingyang pointed ahead.

“There, the car that just drove off, isnt that a Bentley Why would there even be a good car in this poor area”

“It was probably just passing by, it doesnt have anything to do with us.” Displeasure was written all over Lu Qis face.

She chased, “Dont care about that car, lets go to Lu Mans house quickly.”

“Right.” Xia Qingyang alighted.

The driver opened the boot and took out a fruit basket.

Xia Qingyang took it over and instructed the driver to wait for them there.

Carrying the fruit basket, Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi headed to Lu Mans home.

“Why didnt you get Dad to come along With Dad along, would Lu Man dare to do anything” Lu Man complained as they walked.

“Are you dumb! Lu Man completely doesnt listen to your father now.

You still cant tell Other than letting off some steam by scolding Lu Man, your father has long since been unable to control Lu Man from that time at the hotel when Lu Man was hit in the head by you but woke up again to see you trying to frame her but failing miserably.

After that, has your father even once succeeded in making her do anything”


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