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Chapter 2546: Pay the Bill First

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All kinds of brands would offer sponsorships for clothes, jewelry, and makeup.

When a celebritys fame and status reached a certain level, they did not need to spend their own money for their getup when they attended these events.

The brand would go to them to sponsor their entire getup.

For instance, red carpet events where there would be great exposure.

Netizens would see it and feel that it looked good, so this would be one effective way for the brand to raise its popularity.

But this was only one method.

The other method was casual shots of the celebritys street fashion.

When a brand releases new products every season, they would package and send them to the celebrity.

The new products released every season would not be the design that would be released for that year but the design that would only be released for sale in the following year, and these would all be sent to celebrities first.

So that the celebrities could help them to promote their new products.

They could pose nicely when walking on the streets, but most of the shots would come from photos taken at the airport.

Netizens would think that those would be the clothes that the celebrities owned themselves, but they were actually all provided specially by the brand.

This was also a kind of partnership.

Celebrities themselves also really liked this method.

Because if the effects of their promotion were good, this would increase their chances of becoming the brands spokesperson.

At the same time, it would also increase the number of fashion-related resources they had.

And another method would be the brands fashion shows.

Every year, when brands across the world hold fashion shows, they would always invite celebrities.

The way in which celebrities participated in the fashion show was that they either became the spokesperson of the brand or they would be scouted by the brand and were about to become its spokesperson.

They would then get invited by the brands company to sit in the first row to watch the fashion show and interact with various famous international socialites, celebrities, and fashion editors-in-chief.

The first row was always the most difficult to get because it was the most prominent spot with the greatest exposure.

And there was also a method where they would develop better working relationships with the brand so they would also be invited by the brand.

But these two methods were in the minority.

The most common method was actually the invites they bought themselves.

The celebrities appeared as if they all glamorously went to watch the fashion show and sent wired copies of news about it to every outlet, but in fact, they actually bought a seat for themselves.

Similarly, since Yan Zhiqing had offended these brands, she would have no part to play at all in these resources from now on.

Whether it was walking the red carpet, other activities, or fashion shows, she could attend if she had the money to purchase her own tickets.

No matter who thought about this, it was Yan Zhiqing who was on the biggest losing end.

CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang definitely thought so too.

When they heard Edwood make his stand, both of them heaved a sigh of relief.

As for Yan Zhiqings matter, Edwood and Chanders both did not take it to heart.

As for CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang, who had both provoked Yan Zhiqing first, the two of them did not blame them either.

The families behind those two people also had business ties with them.

To make it easier for Trubo to develop within the country, they needed to work with the influential families here.

They could not pin their hopes on the eight great families, so they could only start looking from those who were beneath the eight great families.

So, CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang would not be blamed by them at all.

And these two people were indeed quite capable in business.

They really did not mind whether they were lustful in private or the like.

It was fine as long as they could promote their brand well.

Hence, everyone started drinking happily again.

Sheng Yues General Manager did not chase them away immediately.

Since they came in and spent money, they could not chase their customers away.

And he had to let them pay the bill first.

When the group of people was done eating and drinking, Deputy CEO Zhang came over to foot the bill, which would all be paid for by the company.

The things they ate and drank were not cheap at all.

They had drunk red wine and strong, Western liquor, and theyd wanted the most expensive ones for everything.

When the General Manager learned that they wanted to foot the bill, he especially brought along some waiters with him to the room they were in.

When CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang saw the General Managers smiling face, looking so welcoming to his customers, they even thought that the General Manager came personally to serve them because theyd spent a lot of money.

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