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Chapter 2549: Deadly Serious

Right now, Yan Beicheng turned to Wei Wucai, saying, “Thanks for defending Zhiqing just now.”

Wei Wucai smiled.

“Were all friends.

How can I not care when I saw it”

Yan Beicheng replied, “Ill treat you to a meal next time.

Now you can… do your own stuff”

Wei Wucai understood Yan Beicheng, nodding.

“Then Ill be going.”

As Wei Wucai turned, Yan Zhiqing called out, “Thank you for this time!”

Wei Wucai smiled.

“And thank you too, for helping me as well.”

Yan Zhiqing felt slightly embarrassed, blushing as her help seemed somewhat redundant.

Yan Beicheng looked on from the side, wondering why that lass was blushing facing Wei Wucai!

When he left, Yan Beicheng then asked, “Wheres your car”

“Ive sent someone to get it,” Yan Zhiqing answered.

Soon, Yan Zhiqings chauffeur drove the van over.

“Lets go, well talk in the car,” Yan Beicheng said.

Hence, Yan Zhiqing, Mou Danqiong, and Yan Beicheng got in.

The van was huge, and the three sat as if having a meeting.

Yan Beicheng first called Han Zhuoli.

“Zhuoli, can you help me check how many artistes from your company and other entertainment companies are vying to be Trubos ambassador”

Yan Zhiqings eyebrow quirked and she guessed what Yan Beicheng was planning.

Who expected Yan Beicheng to go to such lengths for her

She knew Yan Beicheng wouldnt let the matter rest easily, but she didnt expect such a large reaction.

Her parents were gone, and apart from her grandparents, only her brother was her closest relative.

She wasnt close to Yan Beicheng before she was 18.

They only grew closer in recent years.

And now, she could truly feel dependent on her brother.

Its great having a protective brother.

Han Zhuoli was surprised upon hearing Yan Beichengs words.

“Why Any troubles with Trubo”

Han Zhuoli thought, “Is Zhiqing competing to be a brand ambassador too”

But Yan Zhiqing never let Yan Beicheng help fight for resources for her.

So Han Zhuoli found it strange that Yan Beicheng sought him out for this.

Yan Beicheng revealed all that had happened in the afternoon to Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli understood in a snap.

“Leave it to me, the artistes under our company wont take on any deals from Trubo.

Most of the ones with Trubo have other jewelry brand sponsorships on hand.

The ones without arent good enough to disobey company orders.

“As for the artistes from other companies, Ill talk to them.

Most companies will do me this favor.”

But Trubo was linked to many profits, including companies and the artistes themselves, as well as long-term interests.

There would surely be some capable artistes and companies not cooperating.

The biggest reason for the Han Corporations massive influence was they owned the industrys largest theater line and resources.

The resources of the eight great families and their dominance of the market made other companies wary of the Han Corporation.

Yan Beicheng said, “Tell me which ones will disagree.

Ill speak with them.

Ill compensate if required or exchange resources.”

Han Zhuoli then knew Yan Beicheng was deadly serious this time.

“There wont be many, just the few exceptions.

If a few of us exert pressure as one, they wont accept any Trubo offers even without your recompensation,” Han Zhuoli said, smiling.

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