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Chapter 2558: No Way of Fighting Back at All

Yan Zhiqing had suddenly turned from a sweet girl to “Brother Qing” in a matter of moments.

Who knew who started it first, but a whole bunch of people had actually started calling her “Brother Qing.”

Even Yan Zhiqings fans started changing the way they addressed her to this.

“Yes, say no to dirty, unspoken rules.

Seek a fair and clean competition environment!”

“There are more and more **ty films now.

People with no acting skills at all can even become the main leads, which shows how messed up the market is.

I sincerely hope that someone capable can come out and speak up without needing to succumb to the pressure of advancing their careers through dirty, unspoken rules.”

Even the netizens who were not familiar with the industry and who were just here for the show knew about such dirty, unspoken rules.

Though they did not know who exactly were the ones doing those things, they knew that things like these would surely happen.

But no matter how well everyone knew about it, no one in the industry, especially celebrities, would really say it out loud.

Even if it did not concern them, they would not speak up about it and offend people.

This was the first time a celebrity had come out and spoken openly about this.

This was really exhilarating.

And Yan Zhiqing was not just targeting this kind of practice.

She had even repeated her stand that she would forever reject any form of collaboration or partnership with Trubo.

She had just thrown Trubo out.

Trubo was involved in this whole fiasco to begin with, and they were thinking of a way to do PR right now.

But their PR methods were not very skillful.

Because of the language barrier, Edwood himself caught wind of this news a little later.

With this kind of emergency PR management, it would naturally be better to deal with it as soon as possible.

If they were a moment late, they would be cast into the passive mode.

Once the other party took control of the narrative, it would be very easy to be led away by the other partys rhythm, making it very difficult to pull the rhythm back on track.

This was also why Lu Man had wanted to set all these things down as if she was racing against time.

It was precisely because she was afraid that if they reacted a little slower, the other party would strike faster than they did.

The other party would not act in accordance with what you had planned beforehand.

Once your plan got disrupted and the strategy you planned out initially was no longer useful, you had to think of a new way again.

This would waste a lot more time.

If they were slower by one or two steps, it would not be so easy to want to turn things around after that.

Edwood was one step behind.

Lu Xiuse would not tell him, and CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang would not dare to tell him either.

That was precisely why their PR was much slower.

A long time after the news broke on the Internet, Trubo then released an official statement to say that Edwood and Lu Xiuses photos came out that way because of the angles at which the photos were taken.

That the two of them were actually not hugging each other.

But did they think the netizens were all idiots

Lu Xiuse was already sitting on Edwoods lap.

What kind of angle did the photos have to be taken at to be able to depict such a posture

But they really had no choice.

It was not bad that the PR team that Trubo engaged actually did this.

It was very difficult for Trubo to extricate themselves from this to begin with.

So the PR team just clung to the strategy of denying it to the very end and wanting to shirk all responsibility for it.

But they did not expect that the moment they released an official statement, Yan Zhiqing would send out that whole long-winded post.

Edwood hired a public relations team to make the official statements under Trubos official public channels.

But Yan Zhiqing came out personally to tear things apart.

It was apparent whose influence was greater.

Coupled with how Yan Zhiqing just directly mentioned what she had seen herself…

The PR team that Trubo hired was fuming with rage.

It was as if the other party had calculated precisely what move they were going to make and tricked them.

They had just said that they had no relation with Lu Xiuse, yet Yan Zhiqing came out and said all those things, making them a little stunned from the blowback.

As for Lu Xiuse, she had no way of fighting back at all.

The PR team on her side did not know what else to do either.

They could only pretend that she did not exist and wait for the popularity of the news to die down.

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