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“Later on, Ill buy a robotic sweeper and a robotic mop too, so that you wont have to bend your back while using a broom to sweep the floor.”

“Theres no need, whats the point of spending money on those things” Xia Qingwei hurriedly disagreed.

“Life is indeed a lot better now.

I think that Ill save up some parts of your salary, one part will be deposited in the bank while the other can be saved for your dowry.”

“Mom, youre saving up for that way too early.” Lu Mans hand slipped and almost dropped the bowl she was washing.

“Its not.

I can see how serious Xiao Han is towards you.

I believe that he isnt an irresponsible child either.

While the future might be hard to tell, but somehow I still feel that you two will be together for a very long time.” Xia Qingwei smiled.

“Even if I put everything Ive just said aside, no matter who you get married to in the future, we will still have to prepare your dowry, we cant skimp on that.

Mom doesnt want you to be unable to stand up tall and straight at your in-laws place, letting your mother-in-law make life difficult for you because of your dowry.”

In the future, if she was to marry Han Zhuoli, although their family could not be compared to the Han Family at all, she still had to put in her greatest effort too.

Most importantly, it was to let the Han family see their sincerity and that Lu Man was not some cheap girl wishing for riches and honor.

When she thought about the Han family, Xia Qingweis heart sank slightly.

This was something that she had always overlooked.

Now that she was talking about the dowry, she had finally remembered it.

Such a grand family like the Hans had a status that she could hardly even imagine.

Who knew if the Han family would think that Lu Mans family background was too ordinary and be unwilling to accept her

Extremely worried about that, Xia Qingweis heart felt heavy, but she dared not speak about it, afraid that it would stress Lu Man too.

“Oh right, Man Man, have you thought about going back to university” Xia Qingwei changed the subject.

Lu Man paused for a moment and turned around.

“go back to university”

“Yes, you only asked for a break from school but you didnt quit school entirely.

You still have 10,000 yuan left from the Best Newcomer Award.

How much is your salary from the film”

“200,000 yuan.” Lu Man said, “As Im a newbie, and have zero experience, my pay is very low.

Actually, I possibly wouldnt even have this 200,000 yuan at all, they would have just paid me around a 5-digit sum and thats all.

However, Big Brother Han kept insisting so the other party agreed to pay me according to what the injured actress was paid.”

“In that case, Ive done the math, even if you dont go to work, we will have enough for your school fees and our daily expenses for the next three years.” Lu Man had attended one year of school before leaving, so if she were to return, she would start from Year Two and it will only take another three years.

No matter how capable Lu Man was, without a degree to support her, it wouldnt bode well in the long run.

In the future, if she wanted to further and develop her career, her educational background would always hinder her, a weakness that others would use against her.

Xia Qingwei did not know that this shortcoming of hers was already attacked and used against her when Lu Man had joined the Public Relations department.

Lu Man was a little interested in the plan, “I will consider it properly.”

Even if she were to return to school, she wouldnt choose fashion design.

She would be a newbie in the fashion design industry.

After graduation, she would have to start from the bottom all over again, starting as a designers assistant.

She wouldnt be able to earn much and couldnt support the family.

It was unlike the public relations industry, even if she returned to school, since she had also won the Golden Finger Award it would be on her resume and she could start with a much better job after graduation.

Right after Lu Man finished speaking, the doorbell rang.

“Who is it Could it be that Xiao Han had left something behind” Xia Qingwei mumbled to herself as she stood up to open the door.

As Lu Man was washing the dishes, it was inconvenient for her to go.

“Coming,” Xia Qingwei called.

Reaching the door, she opened it and froze.q


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