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Chapter 2575: Closer to You

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But because Han Zhuoling had now spoken, Gao Yaohai could not say anything.

Shi Xiaoya heaved a sigh of relief.

She thought to herself that having Han Zhuoling around was simply this good.

“Of course we dont mind,” Gao Yaohai said.

“Xiaoya, come out again next time.

Lets all meet again.”

Shi Xiaoya agreed for the moment, smiling as she said, “Sure.

Im really sorry for this.

Weve agreed on this beforehand already.”

Han Zhuoling smiled as he stared at her.

This little lass, she even knew to pretend that she did not gain an advantage even when she did.

The others hurriedly said, “No, not at all.” Of course, they did not dare to fight with Han Zhuoling over her.

So Han Zhuoling openly brought Shi Xiaoya away just like that.

“Why did you suddenly come over and ask me to go” Shi Xiaoya asked curiously as they walked.

Han Zhuoling turned and looked at her as he asked, “You still wanted to stay”

Shi Xiaoya poked him hard and said, “What are you saying Of course I didnt want to stay.”

There was nothing to hide from Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya already treated him as the person whom she could not be any closer to.

So what happened just then, Shi Xiaoya did not hide it from him.

She did not complain though.

She just treated it as something she wanted to tell Han Zhuoling about.

Just like how normal couples and married couples would tell each other about things they had just experienced.

When Han Zhuoling heard her finish, his expression turned cold.

He could be considered to have remembered Shi Xiaoyas classmates.

And as for Huo Dongsen, Shi Xiaoya might not know what intentions he had.

But Han Zhuoling knew it too well.

He just wanted to take maximum advantage of the situation.

No matter what choice he made, he would always be on the advantageous end.

That was why he just left things unexplained, refusing to give confirmation on whether he liked her or not.

He just wanted to leave a backup plan for himself so that no matter what he chose, it would be fine, but he did not seem to care how badly this would affect Shi Xiaoya, the person directly involved.

“I just didnt expect that you would come over,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“At first, I thought we agreed that you wouldnt come since Im meeting my classmates for a gathering dinner.”

Han Zhuoling gave a faint smile as he said, “I remembered what Mom said before, that you were always liked by boys since you were young, so I wasnt feeling assured and came over to take a look.”

And in the end, he really met one.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself that Han Zhuoling was a cold and arrogant and elite member of society in other peoples eyes.

But who knew he could actually be so jealous

She stared at Han Zhuolings side profile.

He still looked so mature, yet she could see a hint of cuteness from his jealousy.

Han Zhuoling could naturally sense her gaze.

Her gaze was straight and direct; it could not be any more obvious.

In this hot summertime, even if it was the evening now and the weather had already cooled down much more, he still could not stop the burning heat in his heart.

Han Zhuoling turned and was about to ask her what she was staring at when he heard Shi Xiaoya ask first, “Do you feel hot now”

Even Han Zhuoling did not understand what Shi Xiaoya meant by asking that for a moment, so he answered honestly, “No.”

When Shi Xiaoya heard the answer she wanted to hear, she instantly broke into a wide smile.

She did not hesitate and immediately hugged Han Zhuolings elbow with both hands as she said, “Then Ill lean in closer to you.”

So that was what she meant.

Han Zhuoling then smiled.

The two of them had left, and neither cared about the people behind their backs.

Meanwhile, behind them, Huo Dongsen and the others gazes were still glued to the two and had not retracted their gazes yet.

Only after the two of them had been blocked off by the crowd and could not be seen for a moment did Huo Dongsen retract his gaze and turn to look at Gao Yaohai.

“When you spoke to me, why didnt you tell me that Shi Xiaoya is already with Han Zhuoling”

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