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Chapter 2577: You Should Go for a Checkup at the Hospital

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She had always liked to eat, but this time, she did not have any appetite.

Lu Man thought that it must be because she ate a lot of mini cakes at the Jixia Academy, so she was not hungry.

Luckily, fish was not very filling, so she ate this piece.

Unexpectedly, the moment it entered her mouth, a strong, stinky, fishy taste spread out from the fish.

It was not that Lu Man had not eaten Sheng Yues sweet and sour mandarin fish before; it had always been delicious.

When she tasted it back then, it had no fishy taste.

She had eaten it in a few restaurants and the one Sheng Yue made was one of the best.

But why was this fishy taste so strong this time

She watched as other people ate it with no reaction at all.

Han Zhuoli saw her complexion and asked, “Why Is it not tasty”

Lu Man whispered, “The fishy taste is too strong this time.”

She felt embarrassed to say it in front of Yan Beicheng, so shed lowered her voice.

Alas, Han Zhuoli asked Yan Beicheng straight away, “Did you hire a new chef”

Yan Beicheng was shocked by his question.

“No, why”

“The fishy taste of the sweet and sour mandarin fish is too strong,” said Han Zhuoli.

“It cant be.” Yan Beicheng had not eaten it.

When the dish containing the fish moved in front of him on the rotating food serving tray, he took a piece.

After tasting it carefully for a long time, he said, “No, its the same as before.

Try some.”

Yan Beicheng rotated the food serving tray and Han Zhuoli also tried a piece.


It did not taste fishy at all.

But how did Lu Man make this mistake

Han Zhuoli said confidently, “It looks like my Man Mans taste buds have become more sensitive.”

Everybody was dumbfounded.

Lu Man blushed with embarrassment and did not dare to raise her head.

She whispered to Han Zhuoli because she was afraid that people would think she was being fussy.

Now that nobody thought that the fishy taste was too strong except for her, she looked like she was very fussy.

Lu Man poked Han Zhuoli under the table secretly.

So annoying.

Why did he have to say it out loud

Something crossed Song Yus mind, and he asked Lu Man, “When you ate this previously, you did not think the fishy taste was strong, right”


I really liked it when I tried it previously,” said Lu Man.

Song Yu had just eaten it and thought that it was not different from the usual taste.

She saw that there was still some stir-fried crab on Lu Mans plate, and she said, “Dont eat the crab.

What else do you like to eat”

“Hmmm… I like to eat spicy food.

Hotpot is my favorite,” Lu Man answered honestly.

Coincidentally, they had some fried blood curd, so Song Yu passed it to Lu Man.

“You like to eat this, right”

“Mhmm.” Lu Man still did not really understand what Song Yu meant.

Song Yu smiled.

“Try this, do you like it”

Lu Man felt strange.

She would eat this occasionally and liked it when she ordered it at Sheng Yue sometimes.

Lu Man stretched her arm and scooped up a beef tripe using her chopsticks.

She also liked to eat this when eating hotpot.

Just like duck blood, it was a necessary dish for eating hotpot.

Surprisingly, after eating it, Lu Man frowned.

Song Yu asked, “Why Does it stink too”

“Mhmm, the beefy taste is too strong.” Lu Man felt weird herself.

“It shouldnt be.

This is Mala; it should have covered the beefy taste.

And when I ate this before, I never thought that it stinks.”

Lu Man could not believe it.

Without Song Yu saying anything, she took a piece of her favorite duck blood.

The moment her tongue touched it, she almost vomited due to the stench.

Song Yu said hurriedly, “Okay, okay, stop trying.

I think you should go for a checkup at Chu Tian Hospital.”

Mala is a type of spicy flavor that originated from Sichuan, China

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