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Chapter 2585: Rich and Willful

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Old Mrs.

Han then looked behind Han Zhuoling for quite a while before she asked, “Wheres Zhuoli and Man Man”

“They are still on the way,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Didnt you all come together Why didnt you come back at the same time” Lin Liye asked.

Han Zhuoling awkwardly explained the speed at which Han Zhuoli was driving to them.

“I could even hear the cars honking rampantly behind me,” Han Zhuoling said.

Everybody was dumbfounded.

Even the corners of Old Mrs.

Hans mouth twitched.

She had to admit that Han Zhuoli was going overboard like this.

“Thats how its like when you become a dad for the first time.

Its normal,” Old Mrs.

Han could only say.

“We probably still have to wait.

We can just slowly wait for them,” Han Zhuoling said.

Old Mrs.

Han did not get anxious anymore now, because there was no point.

She then asked Han Zhuoling, “Have you all eaten Are you all hungry now”

“We ate only a bit earlier, so we are quite hungry now,” Han Zhuoling said.

He then asked Shi Xiaoya, “What about you”

“Im also a little hungry, but theres no rush.

We can wait til Zhuoli and Man Man comes back so we can eat together,” Shi Xiaoya said.

She then asked Lin Liye and Shen Nuo.

Lin Liye smiled and said, “We all had dinner before coming over.”

Old Mrs.

Han could not sit still now, so she gave Han Zhuoli a call.

Han Zhuolis phone was placed on the phone stand in front of him, so he put on his Bluetooth earpiece and answered the call.

“Grandma,” Han Zhuoli called.

“Where are you two now Your older brother and Xiaoya already reached home,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“We will be arriving in about 15 minutes,” Han Zhuoli said.

Old Mrs.

Han thought to herself that it was much faster than the speed she had in mind, so she asked, “Has Man Man thought of what she wants to eat”

“Ill ask her.” Han Zhuoli turned and asked Lu Man, “Grandma asks if you have anything you are craving.”

Previously, Lu Man said that she had no appetite, so she did not feel like eating anything when she was asked.

At this moment, she finally felt hungry, so the first food she thought made her salivate.

“I want to eat sour and spicy noodle soup.” The moment Lu Man thought of the sour noodles that had a hint of spiciness, the sour taste especially roused her appetite, making her salivate even more.

Lu Man swallowed her saliva back down and asked, “Does Auntie Sun know how to make it If not, we can buy some before going back.”

“Let me ask.” Han Zhuoli smiled as he asked Old Mrs.

Han, “Grandma, Man Man said she wants to eat sour and spicy noodle soup.

Does Auntie Sun know how to cook it”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Old Mrs.

Han quickly said.

The pregnant lady was the boss right now in the family.

No matter what Lu Man wanted to eat, they would surely satisfy her cravings.

“Just come back and eat.

Auntie Sun knows how to prepare it.

It tastes nicer and is more hygienic than what you can get outside,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

After ending the call, Old Mrs.

Han immediately went to tell Auntie Sun about it.

Han Zhuoli conveyed Old Mrs.

Hans words in full to Lu Man and said, “You are the most precious person in our family now.

No one can surpass you.”

Lu Man felt embarrassed by what he said and replied, “Grandma dotes on me too much.

What if I want to eat something that we dont have over here”

“Then we will see where its available and tell them to deliver it at the fastest speed over here.

Even if you cant have it immediately, at most, it will be delayed by a few hours.” Han Zhuoli did not think this was too much at all and said, “But I heard that pregnant womens tastes keep changing, and they might not want to eat tomorrow what they want to eat today, so its fine even if you dont want to eat it after it gets delivered.

Dont feel pressured.

We will just pick the food you like to eat.”

When Lu Man heard Han Zhuolis words, her first reaction was actually: Completely inhumane, rich, and willful..

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