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Chapter 2591: Make One Shudder

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Actually, before Han Zhuoling spoke, just listening to what Lian Qingyin had said made Shi Xiaoya recall where exactly she had seen her before.

She had seen her in Han Zhuolings photo albums.

She could always see Lian Qingyin in the background of Han Zhuolings photos that were taken in school.

And Lian Qingyin was even staring at him with adulation.

It was the same in every photo.

During that period of time when the photos were taken, Han Zhuoling clearly had not known of Lian Qingyins existence.

In the limited number of photos that Han Zhuoling had, she could see Lian Qingyin in every corner.

Some photos did not appear to have Lian Qingyin at first glance, but as long as she carefully looked, in that insignificant corner, she could still find Lian Qingyins presence.

If one thought carefully about this, it would make one shudder.

Shi Xiaoya never expected that the girl in those would photos actually become a living adult standing right in front of her.

Seeing how pretty and confident Lian Qingyin grew up to be, she would not be able to associate her with that girl who only dared to look furtively in the photos.

Ever since Shi Xiaoya started dating Han Zhuoling, the romance radar in her had finally revived.

Her intuition told her that Lian Qingyin came for Han Zhuoling.

Her intuition in this aspect was pretty accurate now.

After Han Zhuoling introduced Lian Qingyin, he said to her, “This is my fiancée, Shi Xiaoya.”

“Hello, Miss Lian.” Shi Xiaoya greeted her with a smile graciously.

Han Zhuoling stood at the side, and he had had no expression on his face when he was looking at Lian Qingyin.

When it was Shi Xiaoyas turn to speak, his face seemed to melt like ice until it looked really warm.

And it even had a hint of a smile on it.

Han Zhuoling was naturally happy.

Look at his Xiaoya.

She was just so gracious and polite.

As Shi Xiaoyas attention was all on Lian Qingyin now, she did not know what Han Zhuoling was thinking about.

If not, she would have definitely grumbled and said that she had only spoken a total of five words yet Han Zhuoling could already tell

Lian Qingyins performance was not as calm as Shi Xiaoyas.

The smile on her face had clearly stiffened.

Her expression was ugly, yet she had to force a smile and greet, “Miss Shi.”

Han Zhuoling was actually engaged!

She had returned to the country not long ago.

After all, she came back much later than Han Zhuoling had.

She had just returned not long ago.

She had always liked Han Zhuoling, but because Han Zhuoling got married previously, she had had no choice.

When she came back this time, she had heard that Han Zhuoling actually got divorced, so Lian Qingyin had really been overjoyed.

But if she went to look for Han Zhuoling all of a sudden without a proper excuse…

Given Han Zhuolings cold and aloof temper, he would definitely ignore her and might even be able to see through her intentions.

So Lian Qingyin had not dared to act rashly.

Luckily, not long after, it was time for the school anniversary celebrations.

Lian Qingyin then used the chance for the school celebrations to meet Han Zhuoling again.

But there were many people at the school celebrations, so she did not have much chance to chat a little more with him.

In the blink of an eye, Han Zhuoling had disappeared.

But that was fine.

Anyway, she had already contacted Han Zhuoling, so she would stand a chance in the future to find a reason to bump into him.

Like tonight.

She knew that the Han Familys family home was here, and coincidentally, her grandparents house was also near the area, so she specially came over on the pretext of visiting her grandparents.

She planned to find a chance to come to the Han Familys family home to visit the two elders and get closer to them.

She had wanted to come to the two elders home to take a look tonight.

Even if Han Zhuoling was not around, she knew that this was his grandparents house.

Even if she just stood at the door to take a look, she would feel really intimate and close to him, and it would ease her yearning for him too.


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