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Chapter 2594: Please Have Some Self-respect

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He had always been cold to the bone.

At the school festival this afternoon, he was still the same.

At their age, most of the women in the class were already married.

However, because she had prioritized her business and had created an image of an elite, strong woman for herself, and more importantly, because she had a place for Han Zhuoling in her heart, she did not get married and stayed single.

A lot of her female classmates were already married and some even had children.

But when she saw Han Zhuoling, she could not help but look at him.

After all, Han Zhuoling was like a god in many girls hearts; he was an unreachable goal.

Nobody could take him down, and he became someone unforgettable in their hearts.

Even after they were married and had kids, it would not hurt to think about the guy whom they had idolized.

However, even towards those married women, Han Zhuoling still did not have any patience and was very cold.

It was as if the phrase “We dont know each other” was blatantly written on his forehead.

He could have a conversation with the male classmates, but his expression was always cold and his dialogue was short and simple.

In Lian Qingyins memories, Han Zhuoling was a very cold man; he was cold to his very bones.

But now, towards Shi Xiaoya, he was completely different.

He did not treat Shi Xiaoya with the coldness that he gave other people.

Lian Qingyin realized that Han Zhuoling chose whom he wanted to show his patient and gentle side to.

He was a bit stingy and would not simply give his kindness to anyone.

At the same time, once he had chosen to give himself to someone, it would be his everything, and it would melt peoples hearts.

Lian Qingyin was filled with hatred and jealousy while also feeling a little silly.

She thought to herself, how nice it would be if Han Zhuoling treated her like this.

Her mind was filled with imaginings.

Just by thinking, she was getting drunk.

“Zhuoling, its been such a long time.

Lets set a time and reminisce properly, okay” said Lian Qingyin, laughing as she tried to steal Han Zhuolings attention.

Han Zhuoling looked at her coldly.

Lian Qingyin continued to say, “Lets invite all our old classmates and have a good gathering.

It cant be like the school festival today; you disappeared without talking much.”

Shi Xiaoya did not say a word.

She knew that Lian Qingyin was just looking for an excuse to spend more time with Han Zhuoling.

But she could not oppose that idea since it was about Han Zhuolings socializing.

Besides, Lian Qingyin said in such a pompous way that they would invite their old classmates.

How could she stand against it

If she was against it, she would be narrow-minded for not allowing her own man to attend a reunion with old classmates.

But Han Zhuoling sneered.

“Theres no need to meet up.

We are all in business; well meet every few days due to work.

Theres no need to reminisce at all.”

Even during todays school festival, there was no reminiscence at all.

They only talked about their daily matters and were very familiar with each other.

Lian Qingyin was stunned.

Han Zhuoling said, “Please move aside, we have to go.”

Lian Qingyin was rejected by Han Zhuoling.

Not only was she embarrassed, but she was sad about how heartless Han Zhuoling was towards her.

She forced a smile.

“Zhuoling, we were classmates.


Han Zhuolings expression darkened.

“Miss Lian.”

Lian Qingyin was in pain just by hearing him call her that way.

Han Zhuoling said, “Please have some self-respect.”

After he finished speaking, he raised his arm to push Lian Qingyin aside as he got in the car with Shi Xiaoya.

He did not even look at Lian Qingyin as he drove and left.

Lian Qingyin was dumbfounded as she stood and watched Han Zhuolings car disappear from her vision.

Even when she could not see his car anymore, she still stood there..

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