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Chapter 2609: Outrageous

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Shi Xiaoya still ended up sleeping in the bedroom.

It was finally the end of the working hours.

Fortunately, Han Zhuoling didnt need to work overtime.

Shi Xiaoya recalled that she had not visited Lin Liye for a long time.

And so, the two went to see Lin Liye.

But they did not expect to see another pair of high heels at the entranceway.

The shoes were designed for young people.

It was not the style that Lin Liye would wear.

Han Zhuoling didnt care about fashion, so he naturally did not remember the style or design.

However, when Shi Xiaoya saw the shoes, she thought they looked familiar.

Her brows furrowed, and she remembered that Lian Qingyin was wearing the same shoes.

It couldnt be that someone just so happened to come see Lin Liye wearing the same shoes as Lian Qingyin!

However, if it was Lian Qingyin…

Haha, then this would really be a coincidence.

Shi Xiaoya had yet to tell Han Zhuoling what she had discovered when Lin Liye heard them coming and went to the door.

Lin Liye looked at them as though she had met her saviors

She breathed out a sigh of relief while hastily saying, “You guys are finally back.

If you hadnt arrived, I would have had to call you.”

“What happened” Han Zhuoling asked as he saw Lin Liyes expression.

He then looked at the pair of womens shoes on the ground.

“A Miss Lian, who claimed to be your old classmate, came to visit,” Lin Liye whispered.

Lin Liye cast a glance at Shi Xiaoya and glared at Han Zhuoling as she said, “When were you friends with a female classmate Why did I not know about it!”

Through the conversations with Han Zhuolings old classmate, Lin Liye could tell that the old classmate was into Han Zhuoling.

If it was before Lin Liye met Shi Xiaoya, Lin Liye would be happy about this.

She would think that though Han Zhuoling looked cold and scary, someone like him could still attract girls.

And so, she wouldnt worry about his relationship problems.

But currently, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were in a happy relationship.

There was obviously no need for another girl to appear.

Lin Liye was not happy at all.

She was only worried.

“You better solve this issue! Its outrageous for a girl to appear out of nowhere!”

What if Shi Xiaoya got mad about this

She really liked Shi Xiaoya.

Even if she didnt, Shi Xiaoya was still a kid that the members of the Shi family loved and adored.

She had promised the Shi family that she would treat Shi Xiaoya well.

The promise had been made not too long ago.

How could they make Shi Xiaoya mad

When Han Zhuoling heard from Lin Liye that it was a certain Miss Lian, he looked very angry.

When Lin Liye saw Han Zhuolings expression, she knew that Han Zhuoling was acquainted with that girl.

It was probably a complicated relationship.

Immediately, Lin Liyes face looked unhappy.

If there werent any guests, she would have taken off her slipper and slapped Han Zhuoling with it.

Han Zhuoling was already in a relationship with Shi Xiaoya, yet he was still getting involved with other girls


Shi Xiaoya whispered to Lin Liye, “Maam, we both know Miss Lian.

It is not Zhuolings fault.

Its just that Miss Lian is too…”

Shi Xiaoya didnt even know how to finish her sentence.

In her opinion, only one phrase—sick in the head—could best describe Miss Lian.

Unfortunately, one cannot reason with a maniac.

For example, Wang Qianyun had a crush on Han Zhuoli and attempted to harm Lu Man.

However, Wang Qianyun knew that Han Zhuoli did not like her.

Because Wang Qianyun knew that, she did not blatantly follow Han Zhuoli.

Instead, she hid away and planned secretly.

When Xia Yixin was pestering Han Zhuoling, they were able to fight back with mere words.

Yet Lian Qingyin was truly sick in the head..

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