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Chapter 2611: Cant Bear the Possibility of Someone Living a Good Life

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Lian Qingyin did not sense the coldness from Lin Liye and held her arm affectionately.

“When we were still in school, we spent most of our time them and not with our families.

So I decided to talk about things that happened in school to Auntie.

“Knowing your character, I thought you definitely wont talk to your family about what happened in school.” Lian Qingyin looked very familiar with them, talking to Han Zhuoling as if they were very close.

“Even though it has been so many years and its a bit too late, I think talking about it and reminiscing is also a pretty warm thing to do.

“Auntie, dont you think so” said Lian Qingyin affectionately to Lin Liye.

It was as though they were very close to each other after talking for only two hours.

If outsiders were watching, they would think that Lian Qingyin was Lin Liyes prospective daughter-in-law.

Lin Liye gave a fake smile; she really did not want to smile at Lian Qingyin at all.

She was afraid that if she smiled, Lian Qingyin would think that their relationship was very good.

Lin Liye pulled her arm back from Lian Qingyins hand immediately.

She did not expect Lian Qingyin to hold her so tightly; she only managed to pull it out after a few tries.

She took a few steps away from Lian Qingyin.

But unfortunately, the entrance hall was only so big.

She could not get very far away.

Lin Liye regretted how she had allowed such a maniac into the house.

It was because Lian Qingyin was too good at acting.

She acted like a normal person.

“Actually, Zhuolings school life was pretty ordinary.

Even if you didnt tell me, I know what he was like in school.

Also, the other kids in our family also studied at Jixia Academy; even if Zhuoling didnt tell me, the others have told me.

Whatever you told me, I already knew.

Whatever you dont know, I know them too,” said Lin Liye coldly.

Lian Qingyin was shocked.

She did not think that Lin Liye would change so quickly.

“Auntie, why… why are you saying that all of a sudden We were clearly having a good conversation.

When I told you those things, you were happy and loved to hear them,” said Lian Qingyin.

Shi Xiaoya was the daughter-in-law recognized by their whole family.

Since she already knew Lin Liyes bad intention of wanting to snatch Han Zhuoling away from Shi Xiaoya, Lin Liye would definitely not be good to Lian Qingyin.

Before this, she was being polite, but now that she had to choose, obviously, she would stand on Shi Xiaoyas side.

“I was just being polite.

Youre a guest; even if I was not interested in your conversation, I could not just shoot you down,” said Lin Liye.

“Besides that, I simply saw you as Zhuolings old classmate visiting an elder.

Of course I would welcome you.

“But if you have other intentions, Im sorry,” said Lin Liye coldly.

Lian Qingyins face changed and she glared fiercely.

But she was not glaring at Lin Liye; she was glaring at Shi Xiaoya.

Lin Liye was still the mother-in-law to Lian Qingyin.

How could she glare at Lin Liye

Even if she did not glare at Lin Liye, Lin Liye was still shocked by how sudden her expression changed.

Lin Liye took a step back unconsciously.

Then Lian Qingyin asked, “Auntie, did Shi Xiaoya talk nonsense to you

“You tell me!” Lian Qingyin stared coldly at Shi Xiaoya.

“Why are you so terrible that you cant bear the possibility of someone living a good life Youre too narrow-minded! I am just visiting Auntie as Han Zhuolings old classmate..

Why must you ruin even this”

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