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Chapter 2613: Creepy

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This was also the first time Shi Xiaoya heard Han Zhuoling curse ever since she met him.

It showed how much Lian Qingyin angered him.

“Now.” Han Zhuoling stepped away from the door and said, “Get lost.”

Lin Liye and Shi Xiaoya both felt that Lian Qingyin would finally leave now.

Han Zhuoling had already said such things.

Unexpectedly, Lian Qingyin cried and shook her head as she said, “Im not leaving! Im a guest! Why would you chase a guest away!”

Lian Qingyin wiped her tears and actually turned to go back to the living room.

Shi Xiaoya and Lin Liye hurried over.

They saw Lian Qingyin sitting down on the sofa, smiling as if nothing had ever happened before.

“Im not done chatting with Auntie yet.” Lian Qingyin pointed to the spot where Lin Liye was sitting previously and said, “Auntie, quick, come and sit down.

Lets continue with our chat.”

Lin Liye was stunned from anger.

Why was there such a person like her!

“Miss Lian, if you continue behaving like this, I will call the police! You are harassing us in our daily lives,” Shi Xiaoya said coldly.

Lian Qingyin gaped in surprise and said, “How am I harassing you all I just came over for a normal visit like a guest.

Auntie was also the one who let me in personally.

I didnt trespass forcefully or stalk her.

If you all call the police, you wont have any reason to make a police report at all.

How are you going to get me arrested”

Han Zhuoling walked over, grabbed her elbow, and started dragging her out.

Han Zhuoling did not care whether Lian Qingyin would be in pain, so he did not restrain the force he exerted at all.

But the creepy thing was, Lian Qingyin actually did not feel pain at all.

The expression on her face was really… creepy.

“Zhuoling!” Shi Xiaoya quickly warned him.

Han Zhuoling turned around to look and saw that very incomprehensible look on her face.

She even looked like she… enjoyed it.

She blushed, and when she saw Han Zhuoling look over, she actually smiled bashfully at him and said, “Zhuoling, you…”

She lowered her head, looked at Han Zhuolings hand that was holding on to her elbow, and looked up at Han Zhuoling again while blushing.

She actually did not find it painful at all.

She even seemed to like it a lot.

Han Zhuoling was utterly disgusted by her and instantly let go of her.

Lian Qingyin had acted as if she had no bones or strength in her and had put all her weight on Han Zhuolings hand.

When Han Zhuoling suddenly let go, Lian Qingyin lost her balance at once and collapsed on the floor.

She looked up, flipped away the hair covering her face, and said, “Zhuoling, look at me!”

She crawled forward, wanting to hug Han Zhuolings leg.

Han Zhuoling lifted his leg up and kicked her away.

Being disgusted by Lian Qingyin like this, he even felt that his palm had been dirtied.

“Youre not leaving, is that it!” Han Zhuoling asked in a low voice.

After being kicked by Han Zhuoling, Lian Qingyin felt utterly heartbroken.

“Zhuoling, yes, I do like you.

I like you so much, so how can you treat me like this

“I like you so much! Ive liked you since we were in school until now.” Lian Qingyin felt that her love had been insulted and stepped on by him, and she felt deeply hurt and agonized.

“Why cant you see it Why!”

Han Zhuoling scoffed and did not waste his breath on her.

He called Zheng Tianming and said, “Lian Qingyins father is Lian Shitao, right”

He had no business dealings with the Lian family and really did not have Lian Shitaos contact information.

“Yes,” Zheng Tianming said.

“Why did you suddenly ask about the Lian family”

“Give me Lian Shitaos number,” Han Zhuoling said.

Zheng Tianming did not hesitate.

After ending the call, he immediately went to find Lian Shitaos number and sent it over to Han Zhuoling..

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