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Chapter 2618: Filial

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Shi Xiaoya felt so angered that she wanted to laugh.

She could just talk; why did she keep glancing at her!

Who would not know that Lian Qingyin was hinting again that she had said bad things about her to Lin Liye

As if she had nothing better to do these past two days except keep gossiping with Han Zhuoling and Lin Liye.

“Auntie, dont misunderstand me,” Lian Qingyin said urgently.

“I will definitely be filial to you and treat you just like my own mother.”

Lin Liye was utterly infuriated.

What nonsense was she saying!

“I dont need you to be filial to me! I have a son and a daughter-in-law.

Do I still need you to be filial to me” Lin Liye almost cursed out loud.

Be filial even!

What the f*ck, seriously!

Did she need her to be filial to her

What kind of dream was she having!

“Auntie, Shi Xiaoya is here.

I can understand that youre saying all these to save face for her, but you should spare a thought for me too…” Lian Qingyin said pitifully.

Lin Liye rolled her eyes very exaggeratedly, taking deep breaths in rage.

She really felt like making a call to the family home to ask if they could end this crazy persons family!

She really could not stand it anymore!

At this moment, the doorbell finally rang.

Auntie Liu, who was at home, quickly went to open the door.

She had been hiding at the side all along, but she had also witnessed what had been happening the whole time.

It was really an eye-opener.

In this world, there was actually a person like Lian Qingyin who could make one speechless.

So when the doorbell rang, Auntie Liu literally sprinted to the door as if she was running in a 100-meter race.

No matter who it was, quickly, come and take this crazy person away.

Thinking about it, it was probably Lian Qingyins father.

Even if it was not him, Han Dongping would be good as well.

Lin Liye had not moved back in yet.

Unless Han Dongping had a business gathering that really ended too late, he would basically come over here to report every day.

Let Han Dongping come and take a look at what kind of a weird freak Lian Qingyin was exactly!

Yet when she turned on the screen on the intercom, she saw an unfamiliar man standing at the door.


You are—” Auntie Liu asked.

Lian Shitao stood at the gate and said, “Hello.

I am Lian Shitao.

I came over to ask Lian Qingyin to go back.”

Auntie Liu quickly opened the door for him.

After two minutes, Auntie Liu finally saw Lian Shitao walking in.

She quickly opened the door to the house for him.

Lian Shitao entered with a dark look on his face and saw that the atmosphere in the living room was very tense.

“CEO Lian,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

“Please take Miss Lian away.

She utterly disgusts us.”

Lian Shitaos expression was dark.

He then questioned Lian Qingyin, “Why exactly did you come here! What infuriating thing did you do to make people use the worddisgusting on you!”

How was Lian Shitao scolding Lian Qingyin like this

He was just using the excuse of scolding Lian Qingyin to actually say that they were kicking up a big fuss for nothing.

What could Lian Qingyin possibly have done for them to react so exaggeratedly and even use the word disgusting

The person they were talking about was his daughter!

Could Lian Shitao be happy about that

Of course he had to be sarcastic with them.

Lin Liye scoffed and said, “Why did she come here Let me tell you why.”

Lin Liye did not find it troublesome at all.

Anyway, Lian Shitao already came.

Lin Liye then re-enacted everything that Lian Qingyin had said and done, without leaving out a single word, for Lian Shitao to hear.

Even the words that Lian Qingyin had said before, she also conveyed in the same manner without leaving out a single word.

When she was mimicking Lian Qingyin, Lin Liye did not even care about her own image at all and mimicked what she had done completely.

She did not forget to add in her own mockery in the same creepy tone.

To be able to force Lin Liye to behave in this manner, it showed how outraged she had been.

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