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Chapter 2626: Talked Some Sense

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“Maybe all of that is an act, for popularity,” said Dong Fuyu.

Lian Shitao scoffed.

“Okay, you think that way.

Then do you think Han Zhuoling will be scared of a woman He will be afraid to do something because of a woman Do you think hes someone like that”

This made Dong Fuyu speechless.

She would not have believed it if he had said something else, but he had asked who Han Zhuoling would be afraid of.

That was impossible.

“You believe words that are full of lies” said Lian Shitao.

“I know that you have spoiled Lian Qingyin since she was young.

You believe everything that she say.

No matter who she fought with, you think that Lian Qingyin is never in the wrong.

But now You still think shes right You trust her so much, but she lied to you and took advantage of you!”

“Dad!” Lian Qingyin could not lose her only ally in the family.

“How can you talk about me like that Mom has been good to me since I was young.

How can I take advantage of her” said Lian Qingyin hurriedly.

Dong Fuyu nodded.


Perhaps Qingyin misunderstood Han Zhuoling.

Qingyin would never lie to me.”

Lian Qingyin followed along.

“Maybe… maybe I misunderstood.

After all, I have not seen Han Zhuoling in so many years, so I may not know him well enough and had mistaken that he would care about Shi Xiaoyas feelings.”

“Now that you know this, can you accept the fact that Han Zhuoling does not like you and finds you annoying” mocked Lian Shitao.

“I dont want him to like me,” said Lian Qingyin.

“As his old classmate, I havent seen him in a very long time and wanted to reminisce with him.

Was that wrong I just wanted to have a meal with him, so why does he hate me so much”

“Exactly!” Dong Fuyu agreed.

“Qingyin did not do anything.

She was only being sociable.

How could they bully her like that”

Lian Shitao knew that he could not talk any sense into them.

Even if he managed to talk some sense into Dong Fuyu tonight, as soon as Lian Qingyin said a few words, Dong Fuyu would be brainwashed.

Lian Shitao said, “It doesnt matter whether they are reasonable or not.

Even if they are not, so what Can you avenge Lian Qingyin or make them apologize to her

“Dont you forget, were talking about Han Zhuoling.

Its the Han Family! The Xia familys downfall happened right in front of us.

How can you forget about it in such a short time” said Lian Shitao coldly.

“If the Han Family said youre wrong, who would dare to reason with them” said Lian Shitao.

“So what can you do even if youre not happy What can you do with Lian Qingyin”

Dong Fuyu was stunned.

Her words were stuck in her throat; she could not say anything.

It was true that she could only complain about it at home but could not do anything to Han Zhuoling.

“Whether or not they are being big bullies, you cant beat them, thats for sure,” said Lian Shitao.

“Since we cant beat them, then we should stop.

If you offend them, they would come and bully you again.

Then what would you do

“You protected Lian Qingyin in the past because our family was able to.

But this time, were facing Han Zhuoling.

I cant protect her.

If you want to see Lian Qingyin do well, then watch over her, take care of her, and ask her to turn it a notch down and stop looking for Han Zhuoling.”

Lian Shitao had finally talked some sense into Dong Fuyu.

From her perspective, Lian Qingyin was not wrong.

But if the Han Family took action against Lian Qingyin and bullied her, what could they do

“If that happened, Lian Qingyin wont be the only unfortunate one..

It would be our whole family,” said Lian Shitao.

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