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Chapter 2627: Restriction

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“Fuyu, before I am certain that Lian Qingyin will stop, you should stop seeing her,” Lian Shitao said.

Dong Fuyu was so shocked that she screamed, “Why Why wont you let me see her!”

Lian Shitao pursed his lips tightly and then opened his mouth to say, “See her She brainwashed you and asked you to support her.

Dong Fuyu, not only were you easily persuaded, but you are also too protective.

“I didnt care previously and that was me being irresponsible.” Lian Shitao admitted his faults.

“However, I cant not care about this anymore.

Since I am taking charge of things now, I cannot let you guys do whatever you want.

“If you were still seeing her and she told you something which you believed immediately, and to protect her, you then do some hateful things with her, what then” Lian Shitao knew Dong Fuyu very well.

“I cant ask that you control Lian Qingyin.

I am just asking that you dont let her brainwash you.

Just be good and dont get involved in her business.”

Lian Shitao was worried that Dong Fuyu would forget his words and that she would pretend to obey while doing the opposite thing he had asked her to do.

This was a common behavior for Dong Fuyu and Lian Qingyin.

Therefore, Lian Shitao said, “I will deal with whatever that concerns Lian Qingyin.

If you can help me stop her and prevent her from harrassing Shi Xiaoya or from pestering Han Zhuoling and his family…”

“How is that harrassment I was not harrassing them! I was sincerely trying to befriend them.

It was them who kept thinking I was bad! It was them who accused me! You refused to help me and you wont even believe me! You are my dad! You disappoint me!” Lian Qingyin complained in a hurt tone.

Lian Shitao didnt even want to respond to her.

He just thought that his daughter was quite capable.

With just words, she was able to turn something black into white.

She was able to revive the dead with her words.

Everyone knew whether what Lian Qingyin did was right or wrong.

Yet she was able to make what she did sound so proper and reasonable.

She had probably said that so many times that she believed it too.

Lian Shitao suddenly felt scared.

Lian Qingyin was his daughter.

If this continued, she might bring the family bad luck.

Lian Shitao had a feeling that if he continued sheltering Lian Qingyin, things would become dangerous.

However, there was nothing he could do.

After all, she was his daughter.

Lian Shitao felt emotionally drained.

He could only watch over her carefully.

When he saw Dong Fuyu with a face full of anger, Lian Shitao felt even more certain that his decision was right.

Currently, Dong Fuyu had once again been brainwashed even though Lian Qingyin had only said a few sentences.

With this, she sided with Lian Qingyin again.

If they were allowed to do whatever they wanted and if they were allowed to be beside each other every day, there was no knowing what they might do.

Lian Shitao pinched the bridge of his eyebrows.

Earlier, he had been interrupted by Lian Qingyin.

And now, he could only continue instructing Dong Fuyu, “I will have someone watching you.

Dont be doing things secretly and think you can hide it from me.”

Dong Fuyu felt very unhappy when she heard that.

“Are you imposing restrictions on me”

“No, I am not.

As long as you dont see Lian Qingyin, you can do whatever you want.

I will not restrict you.

I am just telling you that someone will be watching you, so dont think that I wont know if you meet her secretly.”

Dong Fuyu pouted as she thought to herself, even if she went to see her, what can he do to her

Lock her up in the house as punishment

She then heard Lian Shitao say, “If I found out that you went to see her, I will deactivate all your credit cards and cancel any recurring charges you have.

This means that you will not be getting any money.

It wont happen just this once..

In fact, you would never get any money anymore.”


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