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Chapter 2634: Investigation

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“Whats your profession that you have to compete so hard” the police officer asked.

Shi Xiaoyas car was rammed into… That was essentially trying to kill her!

Shi Xiaoya said, “Im a makeup artist.

Today, I have to go to an interview to become the makeup artist of the cast and crew of Director Wu Mosens new film.”

The police officer asked in bewilderment, “Do you need to compete to this extent”

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.

“I dont think so either.

In the previous competition, there were sneaky back-handed methods.

If you say that someone might want to annoy or delay me so that I cant reach the production team on time, thats certainly a possibility.

However, I dont think theyd be able to do something like cause such a violent car crash.”

After all, this was a life-threatening matter.

The police officer nodded and said, “However, since they are somewhat suspicious, we cant just let them go.

After, what if they continue going berserk Ultimately, we should still wait for them to get the traffic surveillance footage to find that car and driver.”

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“As for your car right now…” the police officer said.

“It should be fine to drive, right” Shi Xiaoya asked Xiao Yu.

“The car body got hit, but it can still be driven.

There doesnt seem to be any other problem.” Xiao Yu understood what Shi Xiaoya meant.

“Then we better continue making our way to the production team,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Well accompany you there, lest those two cars come back to attack you,” the police officer said.

Shi Xiaoya had not even thought of that.

She hurried to say, “Thank you so much.”

“No problem.

We should be able to locate those two cars when were on the road.

Once weve confirmed their locations, well arrest them.

By that time, it wont be a problem even if you want to go home,” the police officer said.

Upon hearing the police officer say that, Shi Xiaoyas party of three let out a collective sigh of relief.

Indeed, they had just been worrying about that.

They would have the police escorting them there, but that would not be the case when they were going home.

However, it would have been unreasonable for the police to escort them to and fro.

Before getting into the car, Shi Xiaoya took a good look at the cars condition after being in a car crash.

It was truly extremely horrible.

This car was their studios company car.

The car she normally drove personally was somewhat smaller than the company car.

This was because the studios car was a Multi-Purpose Vehicle, so it was much more spacious inside, making it suitable for her to put all sorts of big and small makeup boxes.

However, this cars exterior had been struck into an unpresentable state.

The rear of the car was heavily dented and bumpy.

It was the same for the four car doors.

However, the front of the car was still in considerably decent shape.

Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie got into the car again and finally made their way to the interview venue.

Before leaving, the police officer that escorted them there said, “Well make an investigation into this matter as soon as possible.”

Shi Xiaoya thanked him once again and sent him off.

Shi Xiaoyas group had persevered and gotten here as fast as they could.

However, due to the car crash and having to explain the situation to the police, they had been delayed for quite some time.

Even though they had left for the interview very early, they were now half an hour late.

Shi Xiaoya let out a deep breath.

Guo Yujie said worriedly, “Were late by half an hour.

What are we going to do”

Shi Xiaoya sighed again and said, “We still have to go in and explain to the director.

We did indeed have a situation on the road.

It wasnt our intention to be late.

We need to ask if he can be a bit lenient and accommodate us.”

Wu Mosen was a very busy person.

Once these appointments were made, they were fixed.

When she was contacted about the interview, she had already been told that being late was unacceptable.

With the auditions for selecting actors, Wu Mosen definitely had to participate in the interview.

It was the same for makeup artists.

This was because Wu Mosen wanted to ascertain the planned style of clothes and makeup was in line with his preferences and standards.

“Thats all we can do,” Guo Yujie said helplessly..

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