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Chapter 2640: I Wasnt Being Overly Sensitive

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Both parties did not even need to meet face to face.

The people being hired did not know the identities of the people who hired them either, nor what they looked like.

It was the same for the person hiring them.

The people being hired would then not need to fear being ratted out.

Both parties could then ensure each others safety like this.

The person hiring just needed to send the task over.

They would not need to fret about all the things and details that come after that.

It was really a very efficient, convenient, worry-free, and fuss-free deal.

So at this moment, Lian Qingyin immediately contacted Black Market the moment she had her doubts.

“That mission had failed.

What happened to those two people who carried out the mission” Lian Qingyin asked in a low voice.

“We have already received the feedback.

The two have been taken away by the police,” the other party reported honestly.

Lian Qingyins heart stopped for a moment.

She instantly repeated anxiously, “Taken away by the police”

“Dont worry.

The people hired dont know your identity.

And they would not dare to betray Black Market either.

We will hire lawyers for them.

Its best if theres no issue, but if they really cant get away with it, we will also compensate them accordingly and they will take the rap for this on their own,” the other party said.

Black Markets policies for handling such matters were also very comprehensive.

The moment the people who were hired got caught, they would provide an equivalent amount of compensation based on the severity of their sentences.

On top of that, nobody knew what background Black Market had, so ever since its founding, there was really no one who had dared to expose them yet.

So even if there were times when they failed, nothing had happened to the employers yet.

After all, at least 60% of what Black Market did bordered on the illegal side of the law, and some were even clearly illegal.

It was not uncommon for them to see failed missions.

When it came to handling such situations, they could be considered to be very experienced.

Once she got assurance from the other party, Lian Qingyin heaved a sigh of relief.

Thinking of the reputation that Black Market had had all this time, she felt much more at ease in her heart.

“Once we have further developments and obtain the results, we will contact you.

Rest assured,” the other party then said.

Lian Qingyin felt completely assured now.

After ending the call, she then quietly returned to her seat at the panel and continued participating in the interview selections.

Outside, Shi Xiaoya could only patiently wait.

As Ling Xiaoen still had work afterward, she had to leave first and could not stay and wait together with her.

Because of this, Ling Xiaoen even felt very apologetic and guilty.

Because of Survivor, they had filmed together for so long and had worked together as well.

Shi Xiaoya was on pretty good terms with Ling Xiaoen, Shi Feng and Duan Pingxian.

“Its fine, this is no big deal.” Shi Xiaoya smiled and said, “Isnt Yujie waiting here with me as well Anyway, you have work.

You cant keep delaying your work after this.”

Ling Xiaoen said, “Its mainly because I think the situation looks off.

That assistant just now, she was quite polite to all the other people previously.

No matter which of us can actually get in, whether we get chosen or not, her attitude was pretty good all along.

But she just kept picking on you, and her attitude was quite bad too, so I felt that it was quite strange.”

This was the reason why Ling Xiaoen felt uneasy and wanted to stay behind.

Shi Xiaoya did not expect that her gut feeling was right.

“Looks like I wasnt being overly sensitive.

Just now, I already felt that she might be picking on me,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“You really arent being overly sensitive,” Ling Xiaoen said.

“You should be careful.”

“Mm.” Shi Xiaoya smiled and nodded.

“With your reminder, I am mentally prepared and will take note of this.

Dont worry..

Anyway, no matter how bad her attitude is, how much will I actually suffer if I am put on the losing end”

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