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Chapter 2644: See If They Dare to Touch Me

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“Because you guys didnt interview me, you should have an additional 15 minutes to spare to begin with.

Now, you can make up for that period of time, so it wont take up additional time from Director Wu.

In this way, you wont be put in a difficult position.”

Lian Qingyin pursed her lips.

She just casually said some niceties just now to annoy Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya actually took it for real

How shameless was she!

“These are completely separate issues,” Lian Qingyin said coldly.

“You came late yourself.

You missed this chance.

How can you ask someone else for help and still sound so indignant about it If the opportunity is gone, its gone.

I cant help you with that.

You should just go back quickly.

Dont stay here and waste your time.”

Shi Xiaoya sat down and did not move.

She stared at Lian Qingyin with mockery in her eyes and said, “I hope you can remember what you said yourself.

If you missed the opportunity, you simply missed it already.”

Lian Qingyins expression changed drastically.

She suddenly glared at Shi Xiaoya with a look full of hatred.

It scared Guo Yujie, who was sitting beside Shi Xiaoya, and she quickly shifted a little closer to Shi Xiaoyas side.

Seeing the hatred in Lian Qingyins eyes, Guo Yujie was really scared that she would suddenly hit her.

So she sat closer to Shi Xiaoya.

If Lian Qingyin really struck, she could help Shi Xiaoya in time.

But Lian Qingyin did not turn violent in the end.

She just got really mad and enraged by Shi Xiaoyas words.

Shi Xiaoya was mocking her for missing the chance to be together with Han Zhuoling.

Once she missed it, the chance was gone, so she could forget about pining for Han Zhuoling.

Lian Qingyin thought hatefully in her heart, what was Shi Xiaoya gloating about!

She had been overseas previously, that was how Shi Xiaoya managed to find an opportunity.

Now that she was back, Shi Xiaoya could forget about getting her way anymore!

“What are you talking about I dont understand,” Lian Qingyin said and scoffed.

“Shi Xiaoya, if you still have some sense of shame, dont stay here and pester us.

You came late, so you missed the chance this time.

You should quickly leave.

I wont let you go for an interview.”

“I wont leave.

I will stay here and wait for Director Wu to come out.” Shi Xiaoya sat very comfortably on the chair, not moving at all.

Lian Qingyin laughed scornfully and said, “Shi Xiaoya, I gave you face but you didnt want it.

I told you nicely to leave, but you refused, so dont blame me for being rude.

I will tell the security officers to chase you out, then!”

Shi Xiaoya rolled her eyes nonchalantly.

“Call them.

Call the security officers over and see if they dare to touch me.”

Because Han Zhuoling kept showing off their relationship online all the time, as long as they went on the Internet nowadays, there were really few people who did not know about her relationship with Han Zhuoling.

And the staff in the production crew, along with the security officers, were people who were in contact with people in this industry all the time.

They were slightly more familiar with these people in the industry than the average person.

When she came in with Guo Yujie just before, the security officer had even asked what happened when he saw how badly her car had been damaged from being rammed into.

The whole time while she was walking in, almost everyone had recognized her.

That was why Shi Xiaoya dared to say those words.

As long as they recognized her, they would not dare to touch her.

Shi Xiaoya sat there very calmly, not feeling nervous at all.

Seeing how confident Shi Xiaoya was, Guo Yujie also stopped feeling nervous.

She had already been admiring Shi Xiaoya very much before.

Whatever Shi Xiaoya said or did, she had always been mature about it and nothing ever happened to them.

After she got together with Han Zhuoling, she even grew to have some of Han Zhuolings aura.

Even if she only had one or two percent of Han Zhuolings aura, it was imposing enough.

Guo Yujie then sat beside Shi Xiaoya with ease.

Lian Qingyin could not take it lying down.

Shi Xiaoya was not scared, right

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