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Chapter 2648: I Did Not Lie

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“Director Wu.” Lian Qingyin saw that Wu Mosen looked at every single page carefully.

He even took a long time doing so.

Lian Qingyin had a bad feeling and called him immediately.

Wu Mosen raised his hand.

“Dont talk.”

The screenwriter beside him also came to look with Director Wu.

The screenwriter pointed at the paper with a surprised look.

“This one looks good.

It suits my imagining of the characters appearance.”

Director Wu nodded.

He did not understand a lot about makeup and design.

Nor about choosing for the characters and confirming the characters makeup.

These were all tiresome work that had to go through repeated scrutiny.

These drawings of makeup were also the same.

The spot would not be hit just by drawing them once.

Not to mention, there were many details included.

So Shi Xiaoya definitely scrutinized and revised repeatedly to complete these final drafts.

However, there was not only one piece in his hand; there was a stack.

Besides, it was not only one or two characters.

He had flipped over some of these and found out that Shi Xiaoya had designed almost every character that was in the movie.

It would take so much effort to design one character, let alone so many characters.

“Oh my god, she even designed the makeup of the student!” said the screenwriter with a surprised look.

The student he talked about only had two scenes and said one sentence in the movie.

Those two scenes and that sentence might be taken out after any editing during the shoot or during the editing at the end.

But Shi Xiaoya still designed it.

Furthermore, it was done very earnestly, without any perfunctoriness.

“You even designed the makeup of the characters who might not stay in the end” asked the screenwriter, surprised.

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Since I was doing them, I should be earnest about it and complete it from the start to the end.

Im really striving for this opportunity, so naturally, I wanted to let you see my sincerity.”

“So youre saying, all these characters, you scrutinized and revised repeatedly each one of them, without any perfunctoriness,” said Wo Mosen.

Shi Xiaoya smiled.

“Since I wanted to let you see my sincerity, of course I had to do everything to the best of my ability.

Since I had already prepared, it would be of no help to me if it was anticlimactic.

“I was not lying when I said I spent a long time preparing,” said Shi Xiaoya.

Wo Mosen nodded.

“I can see that.”

Even the makeup design of these characters was enough to prove it.

Wo Mosen could even see from these papers that the effort that Shi Xiaoya had put in was far more in amount than what she had said.

This stack of paper suddenly became very heavy.

“I do not treat this interview as just a mere formality, let alone something I already possessed.

I did not let Zhuoling help me get a place.

I only wish for an environment in which I can compete fairly.

If I lose under fair competition, that means that Im not as good as others.

“So in order to obtain this opportunity, I have prepared diligently,” said Shi Xiaoya.

Wo Mosen nodded.

If Shi Xiaoya was really like what Lian Qingyin had said, treating this interview as a mere formality…

And if she was treating the position as something that she already possessed, she would not even have needed to prepare these.

These designs could not be expressed clearly just with the word “diligence.”

The hard work that had been put in would not be understood by other parties.

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