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Chapter 2661: Pack Up

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Han Zhuolings threat was very effective towards Montrealle.

If the Han Corporation withdrew, Wu Mosens movie would lose a lot of funding.

It was the same as a house losing more than half of its foundation.

It was not easy to find a sugar daddy who was as rich as the Han Corporation.

There were a lot of rich companies that could be the source of their funding, but not every one of them was willing to invest like how the Han Corporation was investing.

The others considered the returns of those investments while the Han Corporation did not think that money was important; as long as the results of the movie were good, the Han Corporation would make up for whatever that was lacking.

A lot of movies went over their budget as they were being shot.

At this time, a sugar daddy like the Han Corporation would really be needed.

Not to mention, the Han Corporations theater chain could ensure a high box office sales in the country before the movie was even released.

The benefit of having the second biggest ticket warehouse in the world could not be thrown away.

If the Han Corporation was to withdraw, forget about how they could not find another big boss that could ensure high box office sales before the movie was even in theaters

It would be hard to find an investor last minute.

When one compared that to Lian Qingyin, who was just an employee of their company…

Between one person and the Han Corporation, obviously, they would choose the Han Corporation.

So Montrealle agreed to Han Zhuolings request without hesitating.

True, it felt a little uncomfortable that the Han Corporation had used their riches to interfere with the assignation and dispatch of their companys employees.

But they were outsiders and did not have a foundation, so they could only agree.

“Alright, pack up and come back immediately! The mess that you have made has to be cleaned up by the company!” said Montrealle unhappily.

Without waiting for Lian Qingyin to say anything, Montrealle hung up.

But now that he was awake, he thought for a while and remembered that he still had to deal with the aftermath.

So, he gave Wu Mosen a phone call.

Hence, the moment Lian Qingyins call was hung up, Wu Mosens phone started ringing.

Wu Mosen saw that it was Montrealle calling.



“Wu,” called Montrealle.

“Im so sorry to give you trouble due to the changes in our companys employees.

I have gotten Lilianes phone call.

She said shes in the interview with you guys”

Liliane was Lian Qingyin.

“Yes,” answered Wu Mosen.

He was not like those people and would not use his identity as the director to use a casting couch.

Wu Mosen did not like such things.

His relationship with his wife was excellent, and he did not understand what was so good about a good-looking appearance.

He focused on his work and his family life.

These already took up every bit of his time, and he was not willing to think about other things.

As long as it did not affect his values, Wu Mosen was someone who was good to talk to.

However, if he was to really get angry… He was a famous director, after all; what situations had he not been in What had he not experienced before

It was not like Wu Mosen could not be offended.

He had a good temper until someone really angered him.

If not for that, he would not mind at all.

Originally, he was still wondering whether it was really necessary to talk to Montrealle because of Lian Qingyin.

If Lian Qingyins matter was not huge and he talked to Montrealle because of that, he would seem narrow-minded.

But if he did not do anything, Wu Mosen would not be able to take it.

He hated it the most when others ordered him around in his own production.

If it was a professionals advice, it was fine.

Even if he did not agree with it, he would not be upset..

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