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Chapter 2664: Isnt It Good That You Have Me to Help You

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“After all, who to pick, what kind of makeup style to use, and whose makeup style is more fitting for which role, these are things that you, Director Wu, and Writer Hu know best.

I havent even seen the script before, so how can I be a judge If I want to make orders and interfere in things before even looking at the script, then thats not helping, thats adding to the trouble.”

When Lian Qingyin heard that, she clearly felt that Lu Zeqing was scolding her indirectly.

And Lu Zeqing seemed to really throw a look in her direction.

Even Wu Mosen glanced at her.

Lian Qingyin could be very sure now that the two of them were really scolding her indirectly.

They were actually just talking about her!

Lian Qingyins expression looked really ugly, but Wu Mosen was very happy that Lu Zeqing had said that.

Everyone should just stick to doing their own job and stop thinking about interfering in everything.

Lu Zeqing was someone who knew his place, so it would be good for both sides once they started working together.

Lu Zeqing then turned and said to Lian Qingyin, “CEO Lian, theres nothing for you to do here now.

As for the remaining matters, I can liaise with Director Wu directly.”

Lian Qingyin pursed her lips tightly in anger.

But what else could she do

Montrealle had made it very clear over the phone.

There was no use even if she insisted on staying.

In the past, with Han Zhuoling around, Lian Qingyin would definitely not have left so easily.

But today, the men she had sent to attack Shi Xiaoya had failed, and those people even got arrested and taken back to the police station.

Black Market would not expose her, so she need not worry.

But how could Lian Qingyin really not worry

She was worried whether or not she would be exposed, so her mind was not really here anymore.

Theres also the fact that Han Zhuoling had probably heard what she had said earlier, though she did not know how much of it he had managed to overhear.

Thus, at this moment, no matter how thick-skinned Lian Qingyin was, no matter how warped and bizarre her logic was, she could no longer stay there calmly.

She had even got stripped of her position right in front of Han Zhuoling.

Hence, all the more Lian Qingyin could not take the blow.

She almost forgot that, actually, it was Han Zhuoling who had taken her position away.

Now that she suddenly remembered it, Lian Qingyin stared at Han Zhuoling with an even more heartbroken look.

“Zhuoling, I tried so hard and finally managed to clinch the position I had today just so that I can help you.

But why did you… why did you have to find such a person to replace me

“I wanted to help you.

As long as I am around, would you lack any kind of partnerships No matter what conditions you raise, I will definitely agree to them!” Lian Qingyin said.

She looked like the female lead of a heart-wrenching romance drama right now.

When Lu Zeqing heard Lian Qingyins words, he raised his eyebrow slightly.

Was there something wrong with Lian Qingyins mind She really dared to say anything and everything right now.

Lu Zeqing suddenly felt a little useless.

He actually lost to such a crackpot back then

So, love makes a person become a fool

Lu Zeqing was holding his phone in his hand at this moment, and he swiftly lowered his head to unlock his phone with the face recognition function.

All of Lian Qingyins attention was on Han Zhuoling right now, so she did not notice Lu Zeqings actions.

His actions were really not obvious to begin with, so they were not easy to notice.

Lu Zeqing quickly started a voice recording and put the phone in his pocket.

He heard Han Zhuoling say, “You think the Han Corporation will be short of partnerships without you”

The Han Corporation had a monopoly status within the domestic market.

It had always been others who pleaded for a partnership with the Han Corporation.

Why would they need any kind of “help” from Lian Qingyin

“But this also shows my heartfelt sincerity! Isnt it good that you have me to help you”

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